Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All We Are Is Just A 'Nother Brick In The...

Remember way back here when the walls just started coming down in our new house. Well, as of yesterday we now have this!

And this!

And the craft room is now this!

Note the crazy structural elements like a cinder block wall, poured concrete foundation and slab floors. Look out civilization, here we come!

Monday, January 26, 2009

OMG She's Back! ALREADY!

Hey, remember way back to my last post when I said I had three stitches due to a skin biopsy? I was wrong. When I finally got up the guts to change my bandage the next day, I found not three, not four, but FIVE stitches under there! So here for your squeaming pleasure, my stitches:

P.S. No news back from the mole lab, so I'm hoping that means there's nothing to worry about!

We are finally settling into this odd living situation, and I've gotten around to finishing some knitting and taking the documentary photos!

Crazy California Forest Fire Socks, started during the Great Fire Evacuation 2008:

A Foliage (from knitty.com) hat for a friend that isn't quite this mintily obnoxious, I swear!

And, hey, I think they are putting a back wall on the house today! Yay!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh. Hey Look. There's People Out There!

Yes! We are alive!

We are living awkwardly in our wee demi-house in our lovely little new community. And the big news is: as of three days ago we officially have a foundation under the house! The metal sheeting is bolted on, the concrete is poured. We're still a little short on walls, subfloors, etc. But we are on our way to having a house!

The work commute has been great so far, I have a half an hour to go each way, but I've carpooled (aka mooched rides) almost every day. I get to play hockey at our little Rinky Dink once or twice a week. I even played with the BIG BOYS last Tuesday. And I only took out ONE of my own teammates with a phenomenal yardsale crash. Yay me!

Our tot is amazing. One side effect of the cramped awkward living is a higher than average rate of Mommy-Daddy-Serious-Talks. Whenever Tankster hears the tension getting too high, he comes up to the offender and says "Take a big breaf Mommy." Amazingly sweet.

I had a wee skin biopsy yesterday. Just to be on the safe side. So now I have three little stitches in my belly. And a nifty mini mole package off in a lab somewhere. Did you know they call that "surgery"? I had no idea. I got up, packed up two metric tons of laundry, made it to the Big City and had "surgery" yesterday all before I normally would have gotten out of my pajamas. Productive is my middle name.

Oh, and hey! How 'bout that president! The NPR station that we listen to seemed to be throwing a radio party this weekend, and Tankster and I couldn't help but sing along with that nifty "Barack Obama" song... And try as I may I cannot find it online. So make up some little Barack ditty, hum along, and every now and then take a deep breaf.