Friday, December 23, 2005

All's Well Here

Look, witty pun! So one day, and a huge chunk of change later, we have a functioning well, pump, and plumbing. Evidently there was a hole in the pipe that brings the water from the pump to the surface. Which doesn't sound that bad until you hear how deep our well is. SOME 635 FEET! So while they had the whole blasted thing out they replaced the pump too, as it was 15 years old and on its last legs. And the labor charge to get to the dratted thing forced it into an early retirement. Buh bye!

Finally got the tree up, and some lights on it, but no ornaments yet. Hopefully this will happen soon. Absolutely no progress on the present front. Sorry y'all. I'm really darn close to finishing the living room floor though. That's exciting, right? Gimme a good 30 minutes tomorrow morning and I think I got the bugger. I know, you can hardly wait. Happy Holidays! I did it just for you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

At Least We Had Electricity

So, wow. Some stuff has been a happenin... Remember last post where I had too much time on my hands? Well that's gone. This weekend was a bit rough out here in the sticks. We prepared to be hyper productive, Lee was out in the yard burning brush piles, and the neighbor came over and helped up rip up most of the rest of the 20 year old carpet. So I'm working away on pulling up carpet tack, and sweeping up a metric tonne of dirt and I hear a bizarre gurgling coming from the dishwasher, of all things.

So I wander into the kitchen to investigate this new puzzle. And on a whim I decide to try the faucet to see if we are having some water issue. And lo and behold, absolutely nothing comes out. I try the others in the house. Nothing. Hmmm. Not Good.

So somehow we figure out that while moving brush piles an outdoor faucet in the yard for the original owner's RV has gotten snapped off. So not only has this leak drained every last drop of water out of the house (including the hot water heater), but it has had our well pump running like the dickens to pump our precious well water into a puddle in the yard. Hmmm.

Since this isn't the first time we've had a plumbing leak, it is old hat now. We run down to the well, shut off the pump, and The Hub gets to work with that sticky purple stuff capping the offending pipe. We let it dry for a while, then nonchalantly turn the pump back on and wait for our cool clear well water to fill the pipes again. Only it doesn't work. Hmmm. Still nothing coming outta the faucets, not even spluttering gurgles of air.

Back to the pump. Shut her down. Scratch head. Over comes the Neighbor Of Goodness. Looks at the pump. Scratches his head. The decision is made that perhaps the professionals need to be called in. Only it is Saturday. And we have the local Mariposa Symphony Orchestra concert to attend. So we go back to our dreary floorless, waterless Double Wide, gather our belongings and go shower at the NOG's house.

Skip to Sunday. Its raining like crazy. Blowing. Bandying the trailer about like a jingly cat toy. We trudge over to the neighbor's to brush our teeth. Their house (due to its straw bale construction and 2 feet thick walls) is a warm calm sanctuary. Storm? What storm? We covet.

We trudge back and put the bad weather to its best use and stay inside. We work like little working monkeys and get 80% of the floor laid across the living room. During which the Neighbor of Goodness comes over with a brilliant idea. He's gonna run a hose from his outlet to ours and pressurize our house with his water. So bickey bam, in one day we go from floorless and waterless to mostly floored and leach-like neighbor water sucking. Ah, amenities.

And then the woman who is my contact for this new "job" thing that I might have mentioned, calls and says they're swamped. And can I come in part time next week? So there went all the time. And there goes all yall's Christmas presents. They're sitting right over there in the corner in their bags and boxes waiting to be wrapped and sent. Wave and smile at them. They miss you.

So today we give the pump one more try, see if the problem was a drained well. And if not, then we, well, start throwing money down the well. Bye bye money. I'll miss you.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Computer Geekieness

Have too much time on your hands? Want to do something mindless and yet fascinating at the same time? Then go here and make yourself one of these!

It was fabulous fun, until it told me "You've reached your creative max, put down the scissors before someone gets hurt." Well, I never!

Special thanks to niece Lydia for the tip off!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Newly Crowned Queen O' Geek

Okay, so it has officially happened. I have become the worlds biggest dork. The change in status has come about because I am now addicted to an online roleplaying game. Yes, that is right, I can now spend hours at a time virtually running around, virtually slaying beasts, and paying a small monthly fee for the privilege. This new addiction is due to the pusher in the family, who shall remain nameless, but can be found here. It is a tiny bit shocking and dismaying how absorbing the game is...

In order to preserve my self image, I have to think that I wouldn't possibly be so absorbed iffn I weren't currently unemployed (which may not last, more on that later...), if it weren't nigh on the dead of winter, and if I weren't in a delicate physical condition. (Yes, dear internets, this again is true confession time. I am officially knocked up, and if all goes well, will be a'birthin' in June.) So, the crazy physical activity that I dearly love is currently on hold for a bit. I'm down to walking a few miles with the local mommies. And wheezing with the effort. That Gulfport Contagion, with pregnancy right on its heels sorta took the wind outta my sails.

So that leaves me with virtual adventure. And I seem to be embracing it with a surprising gusto. Who knew?

So here she is in all her clashing splendor, as I can't seem to find (or make) good armor that all matches! And the knickers, what's with the knickers? I do like the boots and the gauntlets, as I forged them myself with my newly acquired blacksmithing talents... cough... GEEK... cough.

Cute, aint she? And fierce, arrrrrr!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mutual of Midpines

I found this cool yet slightly creepy critter remnant on our porch a while ago.

Yes, this is a picture of his underside, I kind of liked the "chalk-outliness" of the poor guy's position. The open mouth, the splayed limbs. It looks like distress, but really it was just probably heavenly itch relief or something. Who know what it feels like to shed a skin? And yes, those are pin holes in his tail and chest cavity. Because who can resist tacking him to the kitchen cork board. Certainly not I!