Tuesday, March 31, 2009

0.37 Millimeters, Actually

I use this nifty site pretty often. For example, today I was on there to figure out the thickness of a gallon of paint spread over 110 square feet (parking lot striping thing, gad my life is thrilling).

But I have to admit that today was the first day that I have ever noticed this link in the sidebar. I know I am a geek, but how about you dear readers?

I double dog dare ya to click on that second link and see how many "conversions" you are just itchin' to try... I have already tried 5, and won't be surprised if I sneak in another one or two before the day is out. You?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dermatologically Speaking

Eeek, sorry to have frightened everyone, I am FINE, and the trips to the skin doc were purely prophylactic! Both spots have come back benign, so all's well. For me, that is. Tankster on the other hand, has been rather dermic-ly challenged this week. He finally came down with the Chicken Pox.

Yes, there is a vaccine for it now a days, but we opted out of that one, and went for the olde fashioned method, "Get 'em while they're young." Little Tank has hung in there like a champ, still riding his bike around, playing with the contractor's puppy, and befriending the Forestry guys who came to take down some branches over the house.

I did say he's hung in there like a champ, I surely would never say that he was happy about it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Need A Vacation After This Weekend...

I took the Amtrak bus/train combo to Tahoe this weekend and hand delivered the World's Cutest Baby Sweater, and the reaction was appropriately agog, so I did not have to bring it back home with me! And without further ado, the WCBS!

The shower was lovely, at a crazy mansion in Sparks (outside Reno) with a koi pond in the driveway, hot tub atrium in the middle of the house, and general loveliness all around. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so not only didn't I get a picture of the setting, I didn't get any pictures of the preggo either! Rats.

Then the (oft commenting and always lovely) Sara and I had a girlie evening of shopping and movie (The Watchmen!) watching, before collapsing into bed (couch) at 1 am. The next day I took the California Zephyr train back over Donner Summit, in a bit of a snow storm (yay! for not having to drive) and down to Sacramento. Where I had a three hour layover, but luckily the train station is two short blocks from a lovely outdoor mall! After wasting an appropriate amount of time, and not too terribly much money, I enjoyed a pleasant second train ride to Merced. (During which I was asked out by a random stranger, who must have had terrible vision to have not seen the wedding band.) I then made my way to my Big Boss's house which is, I kid you not, in Camelot. Who knew that Camelot was so close. And so gated.

After a lovely evening swapping knitting tales and family woes, I had a comfy snooze in a WHOLE double bed (to myself!) (due to the house remodel The Hub and I are sharing a SINGLE bed.) And to further the luxury, I got to languish in said bed until the late late hour of 8 am! Ah, the life!

Then I got to go back to the dratted dermatologist and have yet another suspicious bump chopped off, this time from my nose. Ack. Then the Costco run, the dog food run, the hardware store run, drug store and hairdresser stops, then the drive home, the happy family playing in the park time, then the rushed dinner, baby bath, and now I'm going to fall asleeeeeeeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzz...........

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sweater - 10! Jackson - 3.

I have made something that is so adorable (aside from Tank Boy) that I am about to pop. But I can't do the big reveal until I've actually given the gift, augh! So now you must suffer with me, ha ha haaaaaa. But here is a sneak peek photo, because I can't keep my big mouth (camera?) shut...

So moving on, and speaking of Tank Boy, his cuteness is dropping on the cute-o-meter lately as he is refusing to go to sleep at night. He's exhausted, rubbing his eyes, yawning, etc, but WILL NOT SIT STILL in his bed long enough for sleep to get him! I love it that my son is so good natured, but he is not getting the picture that Mommy and Daddy are not finding his shenanigans funny. We have resorted to Instant Extended Time Outs. Instant, meaning no warning shots, Extended meaning 15 minutes each and, well, you know what time outs are.

The first night we had THREE of these. That is 45 minutes of a toddler sitting on a hard wooden chair in the middle of his dark room with a parent supervisor. He took it like a champ. No whining, no crying. I sorta wish there was a bit more groveling on his part, but nope. We've been sorely tempted to resort to capital punishment, but I'm just not fond of the example that sets.

So then the second night only had two 15-minute time outs. And the third only one. But then tonight we were back to two. But during the second he calmly informed me that "the poop was ready to come out of his bottom" so we had to scramble and get him on the potty. Which he proceeded to completely fill. Yay?

So now I'm scratching my head. Where do we go from here? I certainly don't want him up and roaming the house at all hours of the night, Mommy is done being a Mommy by 8:30 pm. Do we try to go back to a crib and risk the ground fall? Maybe we can get those psych hospital restraints and (gently, heh heh) anchor him to his bed. For now I guess we will continue with IETO's with the occasional potty break. Sigh.

My little Jail Bird

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It has been rather rainy lately so Tankster and I have spent hours constructing tortuous tracks for the IKEA Railroad. (By the way, BEST $9.99 EVER SPENT!) (Alright, true confessions here, we might have splurged on a booster pack or three...)

And after our road trip where Lil' Tank got to ride the two wheeler bicycle, I couldn't resist, and forked out the dough for this...

Perhaps one day it will stop raining and we can actually take it outside!

(Oh, and update on the Hub's sweater, it has been unraveled! I'm now trying to knit it again, bigger and in the round, but got distracted by an adorable baby sweater for an upcoming baby shower. Fickle needles!)

OH! And in 6 to 11 days Tankster might become a bit spotty, we evidently attended a preschool class with an imminent Chicken Pox victim. Wish us luck!