Monday, March 09, 2009

Sweater - 10! Jackson - 3.

I have made something that is so adorable (aside from Tank Boy) that I am about to pop. But I can't do the big reveal until I've actually given the gift, augh! So now you must suffer with me, ha ha haaaaaa. But here is a sneak peek photo, because I can't keep my big mouth (camera?) shut...

So moving on, and speaking of Tank Boy, his cuteness is dropping on the cute-o-meter lately as he is refusing to go to sleep at night. He's exhausted, rubbing his eyes, yawning, etc, but WILL NOT SIT STILL in his bed long enough for sleep to get him! I love it that my son is so good natured, but he is not getting the picture that Mommy and Daddy are not finding his shenanigans funny. We have resorted to Instant Extended Time Outs. Instant, meaning no warning shots, Extended meaning 15 minutes each and, well, you know what time outs are.

The first night we had THREE of these. That is 45 minutes of a toddler sitting on a hard wooden chair in the middle of his dark room with a parent supervisor. He took it like a champ. No whining, no crying. I sorta wish there was a bit more groveling on his part, but nope. We've been sorely tempted to resort to capital punishment, but I'm just not fond of the example that sets.

So then the second night only had two 15-minute time outs. And the third only one. But then tonight we were back to two. But during the second he calmly informed me that "the poop was ready to come out of his bottom" so we had to scramble and get him on the potty. Which he proceeded to completely fill. Yay?

So now I'm scratching my head. Where do we go from here? I certainly don't want him up and roaming the house at all hours of the night, Mommy is done being a Mommy by 8:30 pm. Do we try to go back to a crib and risk the ground fall? Maybe we can get those psych hospital restraints and (gently, heh heh) anchor him to his bed. For now I guess we will continue with IETO's with the occasional potty break. Sigh.

My little Jail Bird


Sara L Smith said...

So it's not just our household! I think it must be the age... it's same deal with Asher-boo. Totally rejecting the nap (eye-rubbingly, crankily tired or not) and then fighting tooth and nail come night time. He was so tired tonight he was delirious, after another napless day... didn't finally go down til 9:30.
Good luck, and if you come up with any brilliant solutions, please share!!!

Sleepless in Tahoe

Anonymous said...

Well, my lovely little daughter, its come home to thee! Your Mom and I had some of the same with you, it didn't last long, but wore us out. You were in the crib, and we had many, many big fat pillows on the floor by the crib, so you would bounce instead of splat. We finally tried putting some favorite games and/or dollies in with you, several, and you played yourself to sleep..I think they distracted your little mind from being stubborn, and BOOM, you were out. Stretched out all over the bulky games and such, but asleep. Good luck...
Dad (PS Talley never did that!!)