Tuesday, March 31, 2009

0.37 Millimeters, Actually

I use this nifty site pretty often. For example, today I was on there to figure out the thickness of a gallon of paint spread over 110 square feet (parking lot striping thing, gad my life is thrilling).

But I have to admit that today was the first day that I have ever noticed this link in the sidebar. I know I am a geek, but how about you dear readers?

I double dog dare ya to click on that second link and see how many "conversions" you are just itchin' to try... I have already tried 5, and won't be surprised if I sneak in another one or two before the day is out. You?


Sara L Smith said...

Egads! I weigh 326 lbs. on Jupiter!!!

Egads! I'm a geek and doing weight conversions and liking it!

Anonymous said...

I only have 11,655 days until retirement. SUHWEET!
C U SOON!!!!!!