Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It has been rather rainy lately so Tankster and I have spent hours constructing tortuous tracks for the IKEA Railroad. (By the way, BEST $9.99 EVER SPENT!) (Alright, true confessions here, we might have splurged on a booster pack or three...)

And after our road trip where Lil' Tank got to ride the two wheeler bicycle, I couldn't resist, and forked out the dough for this...

Perhaps one day it will stop raining and we can actually take it outside!

(Oh, and update on the Hub's sweater, it has been unraveled! I'm now trying to knit it again, bigger and in the round, but got distracted by an adorable baby sweater for an upcoming baby shower. Fickle needles!)

OH! And in 6 to 11 days Tankster might become a bit spotty, we evidently attended a preschool class with an imminent Chicken Pox victim. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Go Wifey!!!


Sara Smith said...

U B de Awesome.
I like the design of the bike, btw... like our altered kid bike (we removed pedals for learning purposes) but WAY cooler.

Anonymous said...

Trains! Ah yes, the best toy I EVER had! Isn't there a vaccine now to prevent Chicken Pox? If not, there should be...without thimersol of course!

Anonymous said...

I miss my nephew.

Auntie REENA

Kathleen said...

oh my goodness, your boy is so dern handsome!!!!!

and i love that bike! so cool! makes me want to get one for liam...cept i don't know where he would ride it in b-more. lol i would be having a heart attack as the traffic rolled by...

by the way...liam is JUST now growing outta his flame sweater you made for him. we have been working every last minute with the coolest-baby-sweater-ever.

love atcha' cousin...i hope it is sunny soon! xo