Monday, February 27, 2006

Bump Update

I dunno, do I look any bigger?

Certainly no less smirkier.

Other than growing a baby the highlights are as follows:
-I finally went to see the neighbor's three week old baby, at their burn-pile slash weenie roast, adorable!
-We had another music night where I started to learn the accordion, wacky!
-The Hub and I broke down and bought new (and RED) couches at Costco, exciting!
-We also watched an inordinate amount of Gilmore Girls on DVD this weekend and still had room for two iTuned Battlestar Galactica's.

Will the thrills never end?

Friday, February 17, 2006


the tiniest spark from the furthest galaxy blinked out. and i am sad.


So to keep on the subject of all things plumbing, I have some advice to solicit from you, all four of my readers. See, The Hub and I have been having this plumbing issue for as long as I can remember now. And the issue is that our water pipes are possessed.

It is really rather disconcerting to try and brush your teeth when it sounds like Kulak himself is trying to squeeze out through your bathroom faucet. Or we'll be splashing along merrily in the shower and the next minute Bezoar is trying to apparate through the pin holes in the shower head. Or that's what it seems like anyway.

Barring demon possession, it is really just an ever present issue of having air in our pipes. No matter which outlet you chose, be it faucet, toilet, shower, dishwasher or clothes washer. (Except for the toilet in the master bathroom which runs constantly yet never fills, despite the brand new flapper I installed. But that is another story entirely!) Nor does it matter which temperature water you choose.

So despite the fact that we have a new well pump, have tested the pressure bladder beside the pump for leakage, and have had a plumber over to scratch his head at our kitchen sink, we still have no answers. And we still have demon spawn as chummy shower companions.

Now plumbing seems nice and straight forward to me. You have a pressurized system coming from the well to the house. Some of that water goes to the hot water heater, some just continues on merrily until you use it. So the plumber and I are baffled as to how air was getting into a pressurized line. Wouldn't water just leak out and decrease said pressure? And how can it be happening with hot water as well, unless there is a leak in every single pipe under our house?

Well, that's our issue dear internets. I'm open to suggestions. Do we drain our water line and smoke test the plumbing to find a leak? Or do we practice our Budda calm, and learn not to jump every time a faucet, toilet or shower BLARK FLARCK GARGLE SPACK SPACK's at us?

Monday, February 13, 2006

You Don't Bring Me Flowers...

Hi Poor Neglected Bloggy!

I tell you these full time jobs such time suckers! And while on the subject of jobs I thought I'd share this wee anecdote of completely inappropriate office behavior...

I have already mentioned that I work in a Triple Wide trailer. The gist of this is that it is a pretty small office so everyone sort of knows everyone else. In this minute microcosm of construction management there are only three women, my boss, my immediate coworker and myself. Fortunately despite our small numbers, we gals have a restroom facility all to ourselves.

So one day I'm sittin' there at my desk, which is pretty much the closest one to the door of the ladies'. At this point in the afternoon I am the only female in the trailer. And what do I hear, but some big man clumping around the other side of the trailer, past the men's room and into the ladies'. Now I try not to be a horrible busy body, but I just have to swivel around and make sure that I heard right, and yes indeed the door to the women's room is shut and locked. Hmmm, that's sort of rude. And then much to my dismay what follows the MOST harrowing cacophonic symphony of restroom noises that one hopes to never hear in one's long and varied lifetime. Not only were this man's nether regions making appalling noises, but due to his grunting and groaning all of the residents of the nearest county could tell that this man was suffering some grave and debilitating intestinal distress. In MY restroom.

And for some reason I am sitting there, cheeks aflame, horribly embarrassed, and yet pissed that this man decided to take the 7 extra steps and commit this horrible desecration in the LADIES ROOM! And I sit there arguing with myself, do I do it? Do I whip my head around and give this man the EVILEST STINK EYE IMAGINABLE when he finally emerges from his den of iniquity? Or do I pretend to have heard nothing untoward coming from the LADIES ROOM, and let the perpetrator get away unidentified?

And then it happened, flush... splash splash, crinkle... click, and whoosh. The door opened. And I completely chickened out, and found the most amazing piece of lint between the "H" and "J" keys of my keyboard to study until the clumping was only a distant memory.

And then the wall of stench hit me. Evil, EVIL, man.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


So I went to a baby shower last weekend (for the Expecting Skoogs) where I was one of five pregnant women. And the little belly that I showed two posts ago was so small compared to theirs that I felt positively ridiculous in my elastic waist maternity skirt. All of these women are due in the next two months, but it seems like most of them are already experiencing no small amount of contractions.

And not only did my belly seem slightly inadequate, but so did my tiny camera, so I didn't personally take any pictures. This picture is from Mrs. Skoog's sister and I will link to her site as soon as I can find it! This has to be the only blog post in the entire world where a woman is lamenting the unimpressive size of her belly! Ha ha!

Photo by Lindsey Ptucha

Oh, and I have to mention that Angelina Jolie is due before me, but Gwen Stefani and I are due around the same time... So they'll probably all be friends, right?

Updated February 27th to link to Lindsey Ptucha's website.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just Like Crack

To celebrate my blogiversary (Yay, one whole Year O' Blogging!) I have finally gotten around to adding a blogroll to the sidebar. They are all my leftist favorites, all with wildly amusing writing skills. Be careful, they are addictive.