Monday, February 27, 2006

Bump Update

I dunno, do I look any bigger?

Certainly no less smirkier.

Other than growing a baby the highlights are as follows:
-I finally went to see the neighbor's three week old baby, at their burn-pile slash weenie roast, adorable!
-We had another music night where I started to learn the accordion, wacky!
-The Hub and I broke down and bought new (and RED) couches at Costco, exciting!
-We also watched an inordinate amount of Gilmore Girls on DVD this weekend and still had room for two iTuned Battlestar Galactica's.

Will the thrills never end?


Robert said...

Thats definitely some swell swelling you have there. I am envious, enamored and so bloody well proud of your impending human!


And go BSG! So say we all.

Anonymous said...

Baby and Mom doing fine, lets pray for both! And what about " KLARBLE FLACK FLACK SPITOOEY"???
Love, Dad

Karelypants said...

You look down right preggers. Certainly have grown since the last time I saw you. Did I tell you Alison is due in two weeks.
xoxoxoxo K

Anonymous said...

Yes , you are certainly growing & blossoming great to see that you and "flippy" are thriving.
Am jealous of your gilmore marathon..they don't show it over here anymore... boo! hoo!