Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unemployment Schmunemployment

Due to the recent notification that I will be unemployed in about a week, and a HUGE boulder that fell on the road between home and the office, I stayed home today and did almost nothing. But the crafter in me has been itching to do something, so I pulled out the rest of the orange roving I bought on etsy and spun the remainder into some sort of yarn... Pics of that after it dries from its little bath, but here's the process...

Oh, and yeah, we just got back from Hawaii, did I forget to mention that? During our eleven days there was quite a bit of rain...

but there was some glorious sunshine too...

So, yeah, I'm not complaining about anything!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Craft-mas

For some wacky reason, despite past, and recent events, I still do love me the holiday season. That little lump in your throat when you hear the Peanuts gang sing type of love. We've already watched the Grinch, Rudolph ("in-de-pen-dant!") and Its a Wonderful Life. We've got our tree up (a small miracle for us, as it is usually a Christmas Eve event due to procrastination).

I've been crafting, which is a seasonal status quo. My husband refers to it as Suzie's Santa Sweatshop. These little sparklies were for a local art sale last weekend, and I actually sold four whole pairs of earrings!

I'm also doing some sewing this year (darn tendonitis, no knitting) which is surprisingly quick in comparison to both knitting and beaded earrings... I can't give away the surprise, but here's a taste of the cute. I just love my grammy's awesome vintage fabric!

And at some point a while back I promised a full pic of the last baby sweater I managed to complete, so here it is... Ta Daaaaa!

Hope y'all are cozy and crafty, and surrounded by the voices of the Peanuts gang.