Monday, September 21, 2009

A Present, For Little Old Me?!

Hi y'all. I finished knitting some socks. (Yes I cheated on the Hubsand's sweater-in-progress!)

And yes, my feet are large, and I do have slightly hairy ankles. But they are soft and fuzzy (the socks, not the ankles) and shall ease my transition into fall.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

But I Always Bring My Own Grocery Bags!

I have a confession to make. The Hubsand bought a Swiffer Mop thing a couple of years ago, and I flat out refused to use it. For years! My excuse was that I did not want to have to buy "maxi pads" for my mop. So I would haul out the icky looking sponge mop, or just a regular sponge, and fill a bucket or the kitchen sink with sudsy water and spend 45 minutes or so cleaning the floor. Then The Hubsand bought a case of (get this!) pre-moistened Swiffer mop pads. Eeegad! The waste, the expense! And then I spent approximately three minutes mopping the kitchen floor. Phooey. It is too dang easy.

Can I possibly justify the natural resource consumption of a disposable mop pad with the savings in treated water usage?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Home Improvement, Schmome Improvement!

So this past weekend was much more relaxing than last weekend's evacuapalooza. And to top it off the County Fair was in town. Now Tankster loves himself some fair, but I hate to admit that I might love it even more! The farm animals, the snack foods, the knitting on display! The live bands, and cowboy stuff! Balloon animals! Juggling! Eeeegads! Too much good clean family fun to resist!

Did I mention the $3 giant slide?

The impossible to win ping pong ball games, set up for toddlers so that you get a prize just for playing?

And tired loopy toddlers boogying down in the dark?

Ack! I can't stand it, I LOVE THE FAIR! (Despite the fact that I entered the knitting contest and came in dead last! That is how much I love the fair!)

Oh, and speaking of knitting, I did finish that sock I started last week...

Tadaa! One more to go and I can actually wear them! (Yes, that is a super lazy picture of the sock sitting in my lap. It is dark, artsy does not happen here after dark.) G'night!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Duck and Cover

Yeah, so. It has been a wee bit stressful here at Casa Remodel. The Big Meadow fire came a lot closer to our little neighborhood and we were evacuated. (The second evacuation for us in approximately a year!) I was at work so I missed the "pre-evacuation" call, and therefore had less than an hour to pack, and no idea if our recently completed house and all of our belongings were going to go up in smoke. I was not pleasant to be around. (Barky McSnappypants) The evacuation ended up not being that big a deal, some friends in our old neighborhood put us up in their little straw bale cabin for the three nights. (And unlike last time, the power was on at our house so we didn't lose all of our perishables, phew!)

Tank boy had a great time playing with their kids and their toys,

The Hubsand worked his booty off due to the air quality aspect of a wildfire, but Molly cat was not so pleased.

Then we got the call that a coworker of The Hubsand died while climbing during the same weekend. Bluh.

On a completely lighter note, and with almost no segue, I did get to knit a wee bit (Yes, I packed my yarn and knitting supplies. What?) and started this cute sock. Then it was too big and I had to rip it out and start again, but that's not such a big deal with a sock.

And my dad is still not feeling well after the appendectomy, so send him some good vibes, m'kay? We're just going to nestle in here and attempt to not piss off whatever capricious gods currently have their panties in a bunch. Duck 'n cover.