Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bright Copper Kettles...

Hey Blogosphere! Did ya miss me? I was on quasi-vacation, house sitting in the always stunning Yosemite Valley! Witness the glory that was our home for nigh on a week!

And while the Bub and Hub were laying on the couch Sunday (watching the fabulous HUGE television) feeling a little under the weather, I got to go out climbing all day! Oh so fun! And being so close to the soaring walls of the valley meant that I was home in time to cook a nutritious dinner for my ailing men. I can bring home the bacon! (Though evidently I can't take any pictures worth posting, rats!)

And on the subject of things that don't suck I would like to share a few items with you! This first item is a public service announcement to those friends of mine who find themselves to be on the slighter side of the cup. I have searched high and low for an adequate small-cup post-nursing bra. (The girls need quite the structured boost these days.) And I have to say that the pickens have been rather slim until NOW! But no longer! This is the world's most comfy contraption, and it makes the girls look just FABULOUS! So run out and buy one, and get an extra for me, because I have never loved a bra before, and this one is like a firm reassuring hug for your boobs!

Next is some random handmade goodness from Etsy, these and these are totally awesome!

For you knitters out there, these are super duper dual duty groovy!

And a list of my new favorite things would not be complete without a little Toddler flavor...

Couldn't you just nibble them up!?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like The Very Hungry Caterpillar On Saturday...

Click this first, then come back and continue...
Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a two pound plus container of mini bear claws at Costco. (AKA "Cub Claws")

You will eat them all day every day until they are gone and feel very very sick.

Where's my Sunday leaf?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vectors and Jumpers

And in the fine tradition (started just yesterday) here is yet another illness symptom followed by healthy days of yore...

Our newest addition to the contagion family... pink eye! (His right eye is red and swollen here, and was crusted completely shut when I went to retrieve him from baby jail his crib this morning.)

And now healthier happier times: Two weeks ago we were at Squaw Valley for the Hub's alumni ski race and benefit dinner, and the ski resort happened to have this crazee contraption set up for the kiddos. It consists of trampolines and bungee cords, and seeing that Tank Boy is really into showing off his jumping skills everywhere, it was the highlight five minutes of his entire life!

Just this past weekend, before the onset of the plague here at the ranch, Tank boy and his wee adorable girlfriend had a lovely afternoon jumping off rocks in the valley (um, Yosemite Valley for you non-locals) after the moms took a short jog...

Evidently Tank found it so awesome he had to break out into the Classic Travolta.

Alright, wish us luck at not going completely stir crazy!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rosy and Rhinitic

If you look closely at these snappies of my wee one's nape you'll see teeny tiny red bumps. Everywhere. (You might be able to click the pics to make them bigger, I'll check as soon as I publish this...) Poor boo has the bumps from stem to stern. I called the midwife yesterday, as soon as the rash crept out of the diaper area, and it is her firm belief that it is a viral rash to accompany the runny nose and cough that he has come down with (yet again).

And now we're also watching his right eye, as it seems a bit gooeyer than usual, and there is a very real possibility that he has rubbed some of his boogers into there and given himself pink eye. So we're at home this week, in Casa Contagion. Drop on by if you want to put your immune system to the test!

Here's a picture from the recent past when everyone was actually healthy, and Tank Boy looks more like Sleezy Stock Broker Boy trying to sell me some junk bonds in this new internet startup. He's so handsome I'm thinking of throwing in the whole nest egg...

Molly Cat approves of the at home domesticity. Here she is making sweet sweet love to my knitting projects. Hope the recipients aren't allergic to a wee bit o' cat dander!

Friday, April 04, 2008