Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bright Copper Kettles...

Hey Blogosphere! Did ya miss me? I was on quasi-vacation, house sitting in the always stunning Yosemite Valley! Witness the glory that was our home for nigh on a week!

And while the Bub and Hub were laying on the couch Sunday (watching the fabulous HUGE television) feeling a little under the weather, I got to go out climbing all day! Oh so fun! And being so close to the soaring walls of the valley meant that I was home in time to cook a nutritious dinner for my ailing men. I can bring home the bacon! (Though evidently I can't take any pictures worth posting, rats!)

And on the subject of things that don't suck I would like to share a few items with you! This first item is a public service announcement to those friends of mine who find themselves to be on the slighter side of the cup. I have searched high and low for an adequate small-cup post-nursing bra. (The girls need quite the structured boost these days.) And I have to say that the pickens have been rather slim until NOW! But no longer! This is the world's most comfy contraption, and it makes the girls look just FABULOUS! So run out and buy one, and get an extra for me, because I have never loved a bra before, and this one is like a firm reassuring hug for your boobs!

Next is some random handmade goodness from Etsy, these and these are totally awesome!

For you knitters out there, these are super duper dual duty groovy!

And a list of my new favorite things would not be complete without a little Toddler flavor...

Couldn't you just nibble them up!?


Anonymous said...

Torturous, cruel tickling of tiny feet! Shame shame! Just you wait until you get back East! Ya better glue your socks on!
Dad (who would NEVER do that to you as a baby, heh heh...)

Robert said...

Hey cutey!

Wow, what does it cost these days to live in Yosemite Valley? Its SO beautiful there!

Im sure I can do my work remotely!


Kathleen said...

aaaah. finding nemo. liam's favorite. what is it about those little fishes?

love the toes. xo

hope to see you soon!