Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vectors and Jumpers

And in the fine tradition (started just yesterday) here is yet another illness symptom followed by healthy days of yore...

Our newest addition to the contagion family... pink eye! (His right eye is red and swollen here, and was crusted completely shut when I went to retrieve him from baby jail his crib this morning.)

And now healthier happier times: Two weeks ago we were at Squaw Valley for the Hub's alumni ski race and benefit dinner, and the ski resort happened to have this crazee contraption set up for the kiddos. It consists of trampolines and bungee cords, and seeing that Tank Boy is really into showing off his jumping skills everywhere, it was the highlight five minutes of his entire life!

Just this past weekend, before the onset of the plague here at the ranch, Tank boy and his wee adorable girlfriend had a lovely afternoon jumping off rocks in the valley (um, Yosemite Valley for you non-locals) after the moms took a short jog...

Evidently Tank found it so awesome he had to break out into the Classic Travolta.

Alright, wish us luck at not going completely stir crazy!


Anonymous said...

OOOh, I feel ya, that's for sure. Evidently we are not alone in our sickliness either; my neighbor's little girl has the major misery too (ear infection), her Dad has been fighting it for going on a month, and one of Asher's little playmates at daycare is on antibiotics for an ear infection. Poor boos...
I'm just grateful to be vertical today, myself, and that Ash finally slept through the night last night and woke up feeling well enough to go to daycare.
Here's hoping that your little disco dancing stockbroker whips this illness in the tail quick quick snap snap, and gets back to the dance floor.
(and that Mama doesn't get in on the viral fun)
Love yous guys!
Sara and The Ash-Man

Robert said...

Hi sweety! Highs and lows, eh? The rollercoaster continues!