Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If You Want to Destroy My Sweater...

And for those of you who do not know this song from Weezer, the next line (after the woah ooh oh's) is "hold this thread while I walk away". And this snappy little ditty is on my mind because I am knitting my first real adult size sweater, and it looks a little like this:

Only now I am contemplating the fact that it might indeed be too small for its intended recipient,The Hub. And yet I'm not sure I'm ready to unravel two skein's worth of knitting, albeit fun knitting. What would YOU do?

A. Make The Hub go on a starvation diet.
B. Knit on in the hopes that Tank Boy will some day grow into it.
C. Place said beautiful sweater swatch on a big old stitch holder and save it for posterity.
D. Stuff the whole thing in the knitting bag, never to be seen again.
E. Frog (aka unravel) with wild abandon, festooning the house with your former craftsmanship.

The most popular answer will be seriously considered! And then possibly discarded...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everybody has one...

So I need y'all's opinion here. I knit this hat for a friend, but I'm afraid it didn't come out so hot. Something about the thick/thin yarn and the cable pattern seems to not work here. Am I crazy? I don't want to give a gift to a friend that is generally disliked by the public, so what do you think? Is this hat The Suck or The Smash?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Byzantine Torture Boots Be Damned!

So the Saucy Skier trip was a splendid epic. We started off perky and cheerful at our little local ski resort...

And then proceeded to ski out a formidable 11 miles with fully loaded packs. We passed some amazing scenery:

Then we passed some crazily amazing scenery:

And arrived at our tiny cabin destination where we had some additional precipitation, some tasty meals, and some minor tiffs with Oscar the Grouchy Pellet Stove. On tap were also a handful of chilly trips to the outhouse, three bottles of wine, a power outage, and the subsequent loss of all cabin heating capacity. (Evidently the power went out in all of Yosemite.) Yay for down sleeping bags!

We rallied out the next morning and even managed to bask in some of our famous California sunshine for a lunch/blister bandage break:

Thank you ladies, for a lovely time. Thank you The Hub for letting me peel out on your birthday. And thanks to this wide wonderful world we live in!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Road Trip!

Jackson and I darted up to Grass Valley last weekend for a baby shower. We sort of missed the shower, but got to play with all the friends nonetheless. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous there, so for those of you in the chillier parts of the country, here is a taste of spring...

And now I must pack for my first overnight back country ski trip in years. I love California!