Saturday, February 07, 2009

Road Trip!

Jackson and I darted up to Grass Valley last weekend for a baby shower. We sort of missed the shower, but got to play with all the friends nonetheless. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous there, so for those of you in the chillier parts of the country, here is a taste of spring...

And now I must pack for my first overnight back country ski trip in years. I love California!


sara Smith said...

Yay You!
So glad to see you posting again, my dear.
Where are ya headed in the backcountry?

Have fun!!!


wooly daisy said...

wow! grass valley is so close to me-hope you had a great time!!!we just got snow and are still out of power-ha! you timed it right! have fun on your trip-is the little one going too?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And the scenery ain't bad either! Glad you got away for mental conditioning, and hope the ski trip went well also. 73 here today, last few days in the 60' Grandmom Mary used to say, pneumonia weather! Soon to be in the 30's again this weekend. Thanx for the wonderful pics...