Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Byzantine Torture Boots Be Damned!

So the Saucy Skier trip was a splendid epic. We started off perky and cheerful at our little local ski resort...

And then proceeded to ski out a formidable 11 miles with fully loaded packs. We passed some amazing scenery:

Then we passed some crazily amazing scenery:

And arrived at our tiny cabin destination where we had some additional precipitation, some tasty meals, and some minor tiffs with Oscar the Grouchy Pellet Stove. On tap were also a handful of chilly trips to the outhouse, three bottles of wine, a power outage, and the subsequent loss of all cabin heating capacity. (Evidently the power went out in all of Yosemite.) Yay for down sleeping bags!

We rallied out the next morning and even managed to bask in some of our famous California sunshine for a lunch/blister bandage break:

Thank you ladies, for a lovely time. Thank you The Hub for letting me peel out on your birthday. And thanks to this wide wonderful world we live in!


sara Smith said...

Yay you!

OOh, that looks like it was FUN.


Anonymous said...

Only trouble with pellet power, no fans, no heat. Unless of course they had not cleaned out the exhaust tube and it was full of ashes. Gotta do mine every 2 years.

Kathleen said...

sounds amazing, cous.
life is good, yes?


@ home architects said...

Wow! Four beautiful women alone in a cabin in the woods with no power? I would almost feel scared for you, but I get the feeling that any crazy that tried anything would end up like the bad guy in Deathproof!

Good on you for getting out and getting away!! :)