Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Most She Will Do Is Throw Shadows At You...

One of the benefits of pregnancy is the growth that simultaneously occurs in the rest of your body. Such as the growth documented in this photo of my new womanly... fingernails!

You are looking at my fingernails, right?

Monday, April 10, 2006


"Yes, yes" you say, "you have been rather sluglike lately, but you must have been doing something!" And we have! We've been watching a rather eclectic mix of movies lately, which leads me to my first ever Yes I Am Not Very Picky About What I Watch Movie Review blog entry:

(Warning: there may be some spoilers in here if you have not seen the movies, so get on it, and come back to me when you're done!)

A History of Violence
Wow. Lots of violence in this one, which I normally HATE, but it is all rather quick and not belabored, and well, the title really does warn you about the content. But Viggo does a great job at being yet another inscrutable character (similar to Hidalgo and even Aragorn, hmmm typecasting?). But some charged content here worthy of discussion: is a compartmentalized character like that realistic in any way, can a child learn traits from a parent that are neither demonstrated nor vocalized, and what the heck was with that sex scene?! I have to mention the situation in which we saw the movie here for you to understand the awkwardness of that scene for The Hub and I. You know the little book store/theater in the Gilmore Girls that only shows movies once a week and if you are early enough you can sit on the couch? Well that is pretty much the local place where we saw this movie. There were probably 15 or 20 people there, most of whom we had a passing acquaintance with. Imagine watching a controversial sex scene with Miss Patty and Kirk and you'll understand our seat squirming awkwardness. Not a movie to watch with Great Aunt Marge. But two Tank Family thumbs up nonetheless.

Walk the Line
Hmmm, story wildly similar to Ray, but with a different music genre and skin tones. A good education for me in music history and ultimately a love story. Loved Reese much more than Joaquin, but then have never particularly liked him so no surprise there. (And how can you NOT love someone with the last name Witherspoon?) And super interesting to find out that many of the really good lines and songs originated from June Carter. You go girl! Liked it, well worth the... hmmm we saw it at a neighbors so it was completely free... so well worth the two hours and potluck potato salad expenditure.

V for Vendetta
Wow, those wacky Wachowski brothers! During the whole movie I kept looking over at The Hub and whispering, "Wow! Is this really good, or am I just going crazy?" Our undeniable answer is that it is just really good. Natalie is fabulous and lovely as always, and Hugo is masterful at completely reinventing himself. For the first time since The Matrix, I did not feel like he was about to break into the Agent Smith character. (As a matter of fact I couldn't tell it was him at all!) And as my bleeding heart liberal self I just loved the subtle as a sledgehammer political theme. I thought the whole love story part was a bit tenuous, but who am I to judge the flights of fancy. Although kissing that mask gave me the heebies. Blarg. So even if you are not a fan of the comic book-to-live action drama genre, I think this is worth a gander, even at theater prices! (The highest of praises!)

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Yay! Loved it! Quirky documentary about quirky San Francisco folks and some really cool birds. I laughed, I cried, and I am almost convinced to get The Hub a parrot (or two since they get lonely...) for his birthday! Netflix this tonight! Now now now, hop to it!

Goodnight, and Good Luck
Woah, talk about an education! I had no idea that Edward R. Murrow was the political nail in McCarthy's coffin! What on earth would I do without pop culture to educate me?! (Speaking of which I finally learned where that "Have you no sense of decency" quote on that Pixies(?) album came from!) Again frighteningly resonant with current times and themes, although not as ham handed as Vendetta, it being a true story and all! A teensy tinsy bit soporific, so I don't recommend watching this in bed at 10:30 pm on a school night. Sit upright, take notes, and fill me in if I missed anything! I do have one question generated by this movie though... where is OUR Ed? Fired from the mainstream press no doubt and relegated to the liberal sanctuary of the blogosphere, my media savior. Alas.

I hesitate to say it again, but wow. And in a completely different way. This movie is VIOLENT, and makes no bones about it. Interesting in a Jim Jarmuschy kind of way, but written and directed by a guy who looks like he's 19. A fun little puzzle of a movie if you can stifle your gag reflex long enough. Okay, maybe fun is not really the right word. But it makes a neat little package of lies and deceit in the end while making you thank your lucky stars that you were never that unlucky. So yeah, interesting and also definitely worth the $3 rental fee. Not a movie to watch while eating steak though.

So that's it, I'm done. That was my month in movies. What have you been watching? Anything make you laugh, cry, gag? Do tell!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


So for those of you on the edge of your seats, unable to wait any longer to find out how the couch unveiling went, here it is, the World's Sexiest Couch! This has to be a testament to not only the couch, but to my wonderful photographer Hub, 'cause how else is a 7 month pregnant lady going to look that good while sawing logs on the new furniture?

In completely unrelated news, I have decided that I need to share with you my own patented recipe for the Worlds Sexiest Morning Oatmeal...

Take a small handful of raisins (or dried cranberries, or my favorite Trader Joe's Golden Berry Blend) and throw it in the bottom of a microwave save bowl or mug. Throw in a small handful of pecan- (or walnut- or almond-) pieces and add a nice chunk of butter. Then pour dry oats (I stick with the classic Quaker) on top about halfway up the cup or bowl. Add enough milk type product (we use soy) to just below the top level of the oatmeal. Stick the thing in the micro and zap it for 2 minutes. Remove from micro, stir and zap again for 2 more minutes. Remove, drizzle top with (PURE!) maple syrup and dig in. You get hot quick oatmeal without the mush factor! Sort of akin to a not too sweet oatmeal cookie batter, with less of the pasty side effect. Hey Mikey, he likes it! And you might too.

Next up, movie reviews of movies that we have recently seen, but the rest of the world probably saw aeons ago.... I bet you can hardly wait!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thrills, Chills, and Underpants...

Hey there folks! How's spring treatin' ya?! We have continued our "Spring's the New Winter" trend here and had yet another snowfall two days ago. And then some rain. But today! Today was GORGEOUS! LOVERLY! FANTASTIC! And unfortunately now its over and the clouds are rolling in for some more rain. Ah well, I reveled in it while it lasted.

So the latest and greatest happenings around here are that the new (RED!) couches are here, but unfortunately still wrapped in plastic and cardboard 'till we get around to defrocking them this weekend. The new front windows are also in at the shop, but again, not in use yet, until (hopefully) this weekend. (Yes thats the window that broke on New Years Day...) Oh! And our other event for this weekend is to try and fix BOTH toilets, as they now have both decided to malfunction in different and unfortunately leaky ways.

I personally am feeling well and a bit perkier, I'm sure the nice weather today helped, if not all the iron I'm trying to ingest. I did have one of those days the other day, where I got to work and realized that sleeves of my sweater were too short, the neck too big and bunchy, my hair a bit too greasy, my feet cold and clammy and then to top it off I figured out that I had put my underwear on inside out in my morning delirium. Urgh. I suffered through the day feeling like an adolescent in the throes of puberty until I could streak home, peel off the offending garments and luxuriate in a steamy shower. Have you ever heard that David Wilcox song where the answer to the deep down painful blues is to "get some sleep, eat some broccoli, run a mile, take a shower"? Well, seeing as the run will have to wait a bit, thank heavens the shower was the ticket!

Well, apologies for the fact that my life is a bit sedentary these days, and I don't have any adventures to relate about climbing, mountain biking, marathons or Red Cross rescue work. Perhaps in the future, but for now, its just me, your local chunky pregnant lady...

...wishing you a happy weekend!