Friday, April 07, 2006

Thrills, Chills, and Underpants...

Hey there folks! How's spring treatin' ya?! We have continued our "Spring's the New Winter" trend here and had yet another snowfall two days ago. And then some rain. But today! Today was GORGEOUS! LOVERLY! FANTASTIC! And unfortunately now its over and the clouds are rolling in for some more rain. Ah well, I reveled in it while it lasted.

So the latest and greatest happenings around here are that the new (RED!) couches are here, but unfortunately still wrapped in plastic and cardboard 'till we get around to defrocking them this weekend. The new front windows are also in at the shop, but again, not in use yet, until (hopefully) this weekend. (Yes thats the window that broke on New Years Day...) Oh! And our other event for this weekend is to try and fix BOTH toilets, as they now have both decided to malfunction in different and unfortunately leaky ways.

I personally am feeling well and a bit perkier, I'm sure the nice weather today helped, if not all the iron I'm trying to ingest. I did have one of those days the other day, where I got to work and realized that sleeves of my sweater were too short, the neck too big and bunchy, my hair a bit too greasy, my feet cold and clammy and then to top it off I figured out that I had put my underwear on inside out in my morning delirium. Urgh. I suffered through the day feeling like an adolescent in the throes of puberty until I could streak home, peel off the offending garments and luxuriate in a steamy shower. Have you ever heard that David Wilcox song where the answer to the deep down painful blues is to "get some sleep, eat some broccoli, run a mile, take a shower"? Well, seeing as the run will have to wait a bit, thank heavens the shower was the ticket!

Well, apologies for the fact that my life is a bit sedentary these days, and I don't have any adventures to relate about climbing, mountain biking, marathons or Red Cross rescue work. Perhaps in the future, but for now, its just me, your local chunky pregnant lady...

...wishing you a happy weekend!

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Kathleen said...

look how freakin' adorable you are! eek!