Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hemoglobin In The Bloodstream, In The Art-er-i!

So enough about boring old politics and saving endangered children and that nonsense, and on to my favorite subject, ME (and my burgeoning offspring)! I had my monthly prenatal check up yesterday and passed a few milestones. Primarily we got to feel the baby's butt! (Touch the butt...) It is sort of below and to the left of my sternum. So we all know what this means, the critter is making like a baby and getting ready to HEAD OUT! HA HA Ha ha ha heh heh. (But then again, not too soon little buggy, stay in there for a few more months!)

Secondly I am now almost 140 lbs. Yikes! I've already gained 24 pounds! Yikes! This weight gain thing is pretty easy, huh? Heh heh. Thirdly, I am now at the phase of this process where I go in for check ups every two weeks. Yay! An extra two days off a month! Or mornings at least, depending on how I can work it. Work it gurl, snap snap snap!

I did have one small setback however. Evidently I am a bit anemic. The critter-bug has sucked all of the hemoglobin out of my blood for his/her own diabolical schemes. No wonder I was feeling a bit piqued and weary. And positively peckish! So it is off to the wonderful world of red meats (and believe it or not, oatmeal) for me! Time to pump some iron (into my system)! I've got two weeks or it is onto the horrible constipation causing iron pills for me... Like I said, Yikes!

And speaking of which (nice segue!) The Hub and I made up a new word last night, "constemplation - spending a significant amount of time thinking while in the restroom." Hmmm, was that too much information? Ah well, happy constemplation everyone!

PS. Anyone get the obscure British pop culture reference in the title? Anyone? Bueller?


Robert said...

I love that your womb rider is showing vamppiric tendencies...

Talley said...

i totally don't get the pop culture reference. What is it?

Anonymous said...

Red meat, ugh! Can't you get the iron from fish or chicken or perhaps some veggies with a lot of iron? My Teresa has the same problem with low iron and can't take the pills. Perhaps just a bit of rust sprinkled on your cereal??? Good luck with your arteri-es!!

Love, Dad