Monday, June 29, 2009

I Feel So Wholesome!

In our weekly veggie box we get some unfamiliar things occasionally (so that's what a rutabaga looks like!) and this week it was "Horticultural Beans." (Catchy name, huh? Can't imagine why that one hasn't caught on...) They were super pretty, creamy white beans with lovely pink speckles...

in coordinating jackets.

Tankboy was a huge help in the shelling process...

Little did we know that the ones we snacked on raw were much more flavorful than the cooked ones. They lost their pretty pink speckles and were just sort of cooked white beans when done, ho hum!

And despite my laundry room floor looking like this at the beginning of the weekend:

...I did get in some climbing, some kayaking, a toddler's casual birthday party (to distracted for pics, sorry!), family time at the river, and a fully cooked Classic American summer meal of fried chicken, corn, and salad! AND the laundry will be totally done by this afternoon!

That's what I call a quality family time!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Like Brown and Leafy Shapes

For those of you on the absolute edge of your seats about our home remodel (Hi Dad!) here is the equivalent of three thousand words! The fancy schmancy loo...

The mostly complete right half of the kitchen...

And the "one cabinet short" left half...

Actually since we took the pictures we got the cabinet handles on and finished that last left hand cabinet, still need touch up paint and the wood thingies on the sides of the upper cabinets. But amazingly enough we are cooking, cleaning, and eating in our kitchen! Wahoo!

And on a totally unrelated note I got a lovely henna (temporary, Dad) tattoo on my arm at our monthly women's gathering. The artiste did such a lovely job, I thought it should be saved for posterity.

Hope y'all had a lovely Father's day, I need to go scrub the Father's day camping grud off!