Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nice-Fight at the Four Way Stop Sign...No, YOU Go First!

Occasionally on my way to work, which is, by the way, a whole 12 minute trip, I hear the traffic report on the radio. They have some catchy slogan like "Traffic Conditions Where YOU Live". Which really isn't all that catchy, and is patently not true in our case. But I do then enjoy sitting there and trying to imagine what a traffic report would sound like for Where I Live. I think it would go something like this:

That wacky pack of wild turkeys is slowly making its way across the intersection of Sherlock and Colorado, so watch that final turn before the stop sign. It is rumored that the albino tom has already made the crossing, so if you want to see him you'll have to hurry.
And that horrendous dog that lives across from the lake has gotten out again, so if you hear a shrill yap and a quiet bump, you'll know what is stuck to your undercarriage.
The potholes have gotten especially bad at the intersection of Lakeside Drive and Lakeside Road, so do try to slow down from 10 mph to 5 mph there so you don't blow a tire.
That fat lazy dog is laying in the middle of East Whitlock again, so be sure and have your horn hand ready if you're going over 25.
There was a bear sighting on Carstens, so be sure your garbage is sealed up, and last but not least, the local county convictedly challenged are clearing brush again along Highway 140, so expect a 3 minute delay and nod and smile as you pass 'em by. And whatever you do, don't drive like my brother...

Some things about The Rural are decidedly more colorful than The Urban.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Poppa's Latest Toy

Note: Daddy's punny comment and Tank Boy's new pulling up skills! Good thing his name's not Charlie!

Friday, March 23, 2007

NOT The Luck Of The Irish

So in the last two days of work for me, and day care for Tank Boy, he has learned to pull up on a coffee table and sprout teeth! (Or tooth, I'm not sure yet, and can't seem to get a good look.) And I missed them both. Augh. But yay Tank Boy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surprise Plot Twist!

I snuck up on Tank Boy as he was enjoying the latest page turner from Baby Mates...

Good thing that book is waterproof!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Grass Is Riz

It has been a big week here at the ranch. Jackson is looking so big and growed up! He looks more like a boy, and so much less like a larva!

Aside from that, Tank Mom has now headed back to work. (Um, yes, I just referred to myself in the third person... moving on.) So yes, I have officially made it through my first week back. And by first week, I really mean two days. Because I get to do this part time, believe it or not. I will be working in an office, at a desk, doing mathy things that I studied in college, for actual money. With four or five painfully nice office mates. That are also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

But it is tough to explain this to our wee offspring, he doesn't seem to get it yet. So his first day away went pretty rough, but the second one seemed to go better. In fact we even have the reassuring documentation right here:

Now immortalized for eternity, Tank Boy's first report card! Notice the "Today I was... happy" block checked at the bottom center. So. Proud.

On a completely different note, and for all you folks in northern climes, and other non hospitable climactic zones, I would just like to say that spring has struck here with a vengeance. We are basking in temperate weather and cloudless skies. Remind me of this when it gets to be 108 degrees in the shade, okay?

Oi, with the cute already!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Conversations With Tank Boy, Take Three!

In answer to that ever burning question, "what noise do elephants make?"...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Conversations With Tank Boy, Take Two!

Now with more "smok smok" noise!

Snow Crushed Daffodils

This was me two days ago, sort of sad a beleaguered. But not today! No! Because yesterday was the Best Day Ever!

Tank Baby and I started off the day at a new Mommy and Me yoga class in town! Yay! And The Bub noticed that he was the only tot there not running around like a wee maniac, so he started doing his darndest to change that. Which in his case equalled him deciding that hanging out on his belly is not the Worst Thing In The World Ever, and so he rolled over at least 4 times. Yay yoga baby!

Then two other moms and I bundled the tots in the car and drove up to the mountains and went cross country skiing with the kiddos! We probably only went about a mile and a half and then the toddlers had to get out of their sled and play in the snow. But it was great, and sunny and springy! And The Bub was the Best Baby Ever! And did I mention that it was Great?! And one of the other moms and I got to chat in the car for hours! Note to self: Do That More Often!

Alright, enough of my exclamation point riddled ranting! I still haven't gotten the baby rolling over on film (since 'till yesterday it was as rare as hen's teeth), but I did get the Brand New Baby Pincher Grasp. Yay Tank Boy!

Friday, March 02, 2007