Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Grass Is Riz

It has been a big week here at the ranch. Jackson is looking so big and growed up! He looks more like a boy, and so much less like a larva!

Aside from that, Tank Mom has now headed back to work. (Um, yes, I just referred to myself in the third person... moving on.) So yes, I have officially made it through my first week back. And by first week, I really mean two days. Because I get to do this part time, believe it or not. I will be working in an office, at a desk, doing mathy things that I studied in college, for actual money. With four or five painfully nice office mates. That are also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

But it is tough to explain this to our wee offspring, he doesn't seem to get it yet. So his first day away went pretty rough, but the second one seemed to go better. In fact we even have the reassuring documentation right here:

Now immortalized for eternity, Tank Boy's first report card! Notice the "Today I was... happy" block checked at the bottom center. So. Proud.

On a completely different note, and for all you folks in northern climes, and other non hospitable climactic zones, I would just like to say that spring has struck here with a vengeance. We are basking in temperate weather and cloudless skies. Remind me of this when it gets to be 108 degrees in the shade, okay?

Oi, with the cute already!


GiGi said...

Thanks for the comments, Suzie. I'll have to check out the knittin sites soon - I've been on a granny square kick lately...

Robert said...

with weather that nice, and not a neighbor to be seen in those photos, how do you keep clothes on your boys?

Talley said...

Tank boy is SO FREAKIN' BIG!! I understand that's the meaning behind the nickname, but to see him next to Lee really brings it home!

Enjoy the beautiful weather! We had some nice days this week, but they're predicting more snow today or tomorrow. yeesh!

Congratulations on the back to work!

Love all ya'all,

cheesefairy said...

Oh he's gorgeous! You're right, much less larva-like.

And so is your weather! (gorgeous, not less larva-like...)

Anonymous said...

Workin agin? Great! Keeps the ole brain cells alive. When will the Tank wrestle Dad down for the car keys???
Dad, one 75 degree day and our Spring is GONE!!!

Kathleen said...

honestly...i just can't stand it.

congratulations on going back to work!

xoxo to you and yer cute boys!

Anonymous said...

Goodness how he has grown ! a little man indeed,such a happy smile too!! Well done to you for getting back into work groove. I wish spring would hit us over here has been most erratic lately.