Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Bit Sad

As of last Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I was 10 weeks pregnant. Sadly on Thanksgiving (after a lovely dinner) I suffered a miscarriage. I was in very capable hands, with an obgyn cousin of the Hub's at dinner with us, and another emergency room doctor cousin at the hospital 7 miles away. I did end up at the hospital, but was discharged after a few hours and sent home to rest (relatively) comfortably back at Aunt Madeleine and Uncle Matt's house.

So we're all okay now, albeit a bit sad. One remaining hurdle will be to explain to Jackson that the baby that was growing in mommy's belly is no longer there. So, because of the situation, all I can say is that I am especially thankful for my wonderful husband, the amazing family I married into, and my sweet little son. Wishing everyone a cozy weekend of quality family time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sedentary Roving

So the pesky tendonitis has completely curbed my knitting habit these days, and I have been hankering for something crafty. Partially inspired by this crafting hottie, I finally dug around in the yarn stash and came up with this nifty kit that I got from my brother in law about two (?!) years ago.

Only when it was in kit form, that there stuff wasn't wound on the spindle yet. (That stuff was formerly roving which is washed and combed wool that has yet to be spun into yarn.) That there stuff henceforth will be known as MY FIRST YARN EVER!

Yeah, its a bit lumpy and uneven, but the process is surprisingly satisfying, fun, and quick! Yay, new craft! (Try to ignore the fact that the new craft is completely reliant on the old craft for actual use.) Now I just need me some more roving stuff, look out credit card!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

And Yes, It Hurts To Type Too, Darn.

So I seem to have knit a bit too much in the last few months and given myself some tendonitis in my wrist, boo. But I am (finally) just finishing up this wee knit for the newest baby in the family... I'll divulge a bit more once its in the mail, though really I'm not leaving much to the imagination here...