Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Bit Sad

As of last Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I was 10 weeks pregnant. Sadly on Thanksgiving (after a lovely dinner) I suffered a miscarriage. I was in very capable hands, with an obgyn cousin of the Hub's at dinner with us, and another emergency room doctor cousin at the hospital 7 miles away. I did end up at the hospital, but was discharged after a few hours and sent home to rest (relatively) comfortably back at Aunt Madeleine and Uncle Matt's house.

So we're all okay now, albeit a bit sad. One remaining hurdle will be to explain to Jackson that the baby that was growing in mommy's belly is no longer there. So, because of the situation, all I can say is that I am especially thankful for my wonderful husband, the amazing family I married into, and my sweet little son. Wishing everyone a cozy weekend of quality family time.


Anonymous said...

sniff... sending hugs and love. mb

Anonymous said...

We are all very sorry for you and Lee here on the east coast. And we hope your physical recovery is rapid and the support of all who love you will help your spirit recover quickly as well. There is probably a reason for this although we all have a hard time accepting that!
Love to you and love and thanks to Lee!!


Kathleen said...

cousin, my heart is heavy for you. i wish you lived closer so that i could wrap around you and hug you.
you have been on my mind...
i am so sorry for your loss. and i am so grateful that you are surrounded by love.
i love you, sweetpea.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss and wishing you and your family all the best,
Many Hugs,
Leigh Anne