Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Craft-mas

For some wacky reason, despite past, and recent events, I still do love me the holiday season. That little lump in your throat when you hear the Peanuts gang sing type of love. We've already watched the Grinch, Rudolph ("in-de-pen-dant!") and Its a Wonderful Life. We've got our tree up (a small miracle for us, as it is usually a Christmas Eve event due to procrastination).

I've been crafting, which is a seasonal status quo. My husband refers to it as Suzie's Santa Sweatshop. These little sparklies were for a local art sale last weekend, and I actually sold four whole pairs of earrings!

I'm also doing some sewing this year (darn tendonitis, no knitting) which is surprisingly quick in comparison to both knitting and beaded earrings... I can't give away the surprise, but here's a taste of the cute. I just love my grammy's awesome vintage fabric!

And at some point a while back I promised a full pic of the last baby sweater I managed to complete, so here it is... Ta Daaaaa!

Hope y'all are cozy and crafty, and surrounded by the voices of the Peanuts gang.

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Anonymous said...

How talented you are, Grandma Lancaster (Farkas) is so happy and proud! And your home, what a nice....floor under that Xmas tree, it seems to shine with a warm glow somehow! We all miss you and hope the Hawaiians realize how lucky they are to have you coming that way instead of East!!