Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creepy and Crawly

Much to Tank Boy's delight, and my horror, we had a bit of an ant coming out party in the front yard this week...

Terribly sorry about the crazy camera work, and Tank's slight whingeing in the background. No one was thinking completely clearly and yes, by the end of the video I did indeed have ants crawling on my legs and feet. An hour or two later they were all gone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Shel, I Think I'm a Housewife...

Thanks to my dad, I did finally locate the camera, and now will proceed to update you with pictures that are perhaps a month old! Long live the internet for the up-to-date... uh... updates!

Here is Tank Boy competing in his first official ski race! He was a bit unclear on the concept, but I'm super proud regardless! (Blue flags, we're trying to go around the blue flags!)

Here he is after the race, super happy and snuggly!

And here he is about four minutes later, completely konked out (for almost 2 hours!) in the noisiest restaurant/hallway imaginable!

Now moving on to slightly more recent events, The Tank has rediscovered the joy of interlocking blocks. I know I'm his mom, but this thing was cool!

And as far as the house goes, we haven't completed any of those pesky little remaining tasks (towel racks, we don't need no stinkin' towel racks!) but we did gather up all the remaining (live) houseplants and style ourselves a little atrium. It is a wee slice of heaven indoors...

May the sun shine into your garden a little this week as well!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Somehow my husband has gotten me into this Katherine Kerr book series about a fictional land called Deverry. You know a book series is going to be geeky if it has its own website. Extra geeky if said website has timelines, bibliographies and ancestry charts...

A coworker asked what I've been reading lately, and I was a bit embarrassed to admit that it was a celtic fantasy series, akin to (but not nearly as epic as) the Lord of the Rings and King Arthur. It is full of swordfights, wise sorcerers, fabricated languages with pronunciation guides, and lots of horseback riding. Yeah, I'm going to be forty this year. Long live my internal fourteen year old!

Currently I am smack dab in the middle of this series, book 6 of 12. The Hub, however is horribly disappointed that he has now finished the whole ride. No more suspicious packages will be arriving from far flung bookstores with the next paperback edition of this addictive drug. Alas. Poor him. Any suggestions from the geeky literati? Bonus points if it is a VERY LONG series, he is a rather prodigious reader!

Oooo! But speaking of packages, I joined this little club thingy, and am anxiously awaiting my first colorful, possibly incredibly silly, installment!

Sorry Dad, the drama and righteous indignation has all cooled down here and we're back to books and knitting for our day to day entertainment!

Oh, wait! I forgot! We did go out of town last weekend for The Huzbunkle's annual alumni ski race (slash fundraiser for Stanford Hospital). AND guess who won third place overall?! None other than my one-and-only! For the second year in a row! See, look, we're adventuresome! -ish!

And yeah, we took pictures, but somehow have not been able to locate the actual camera after the unpacking frenzy has settled. So you'll have to take my word on stuff right now, we have no photographic proof whatsoever!