Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creepy and Crawly

Much to Tank Boy's delight, and my horror, we had a bit of an ant coming out party in the front yard this week...

Terribly sorry about the crazy camera work, and Tank's slight whingeing in the background. No one was thinking completely clearly and yes, by the end of the video I did indeed have ants crawling on my legs and feet. An hour or two later they were all gone.


Kathleen said...


p.s. word verification is "unbugans"

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie,

Yikes! Hope those ants were not the biting kind! Amazing how they just leveled that tree off, did it fall on the house!! And by "gone" did that mean they all went to the ant farm in the sky???

sara L Smith said...


Anonymous said...

This happens every year at my house, just when we think it is going to skip a year! xoxolisa