Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Falls: Prat- and Otherwise

Where do you go when your entire Memorial Day weekend has looked like this

and this?

Why, here of course!

Where its always wet and drizzly due to the thunderous Vernal Falls!

Especially right now with the spring run off AND rain.

This here is Auntie Lolo, and she was here for a wonderous ten days to help around the house and provide free daycare! And how do we repay her? We dress her funny and march her up a soggy trail. We're nice.

It was a lovely hike, though just at the top I got all cocky and tried to pass someone and fell SMACK on my butt bone. With The Tank in the tummy pack. Owie. I am still sitting funny. Here I am seconds later faking like it didn't really hurt. Can you tell?

Hope y'alls weekends (and well, honestly, the week that has passed since then too) were just as lovely!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Cranky Rant Segued Into A Charity Fundraiser

I am a BAD GIRL. Or I will be. Tomorrow I plan on breaking the law. Or at least the law as one (sorta cranky) brit sees it. I started making those crazee knit beaded necklaces after I read about them in her "un-pattern". Then I asked her IF I COULD GIVE HER MONEY to use her idea and try and sell some. She said no. No, wait a minute, she said no in a way that made me embarrassed I even asked. Which left me with an awkward feeling of unfriendliness, something that seems rather rare in the knitting community.

Anywhoo. So tomorrow I am breakin' the law, and putting this lovely set up for auction:

Now mind you, I am not just being flagrantly obstreperous here. This is a charity auction fundraiser slash dinner event for No More Victims. So there will be no money entering my actual pocket. I am donating time and effort to a cause that supports innocent children with war wounds. I dare her to take umbrage at that.

Oh, and these, I designed them myself. And if anyone wants to copy them and sell them on etsy, be my frickin guest!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Can I NOT Share?

My husband is a Mac guy. He is the reason that I am addicted to the internets and all its features, good and bad. He has already gotten our offspring to join in the fray with an old neon green clamshell mac laptop. Tank Boy's computer plays a version of something called Alpha Baby where we can upload pictures and they are randomly displayed, with their names spoken aloud, at the touch of any key. (Everything from "shark" to "cousin Millie"!) So here he is, in all his splendor, created in our image: pajamas, crazy bedhead, crusty nose and all...

And because he has to have some of momma's traits, here he is displaying his almost insatiable thirst for the fruity berry smoothie...

And on the subject of displaying your family's embarrassing moments online I have to bring up another blog. I have been a long-time reader of Dooce . She was recently interviewed on the Today show, and of course they tried to stir up some controversy about public airing of home life. I love how she addresses this (and well pretty much everything) on her blog...
Will you resent me for this website? Absolutely. And I have spent hours and days and months of my life considering this, weighing your resentment against the good that can come from being open and honest about what it's like to be your mother, the good for you, the good for me, and the good for other women who read what I write here and walk away feeling less alone. And I have every reason to believe that one day you will look at the thousands of pages I have written about my love for you, the thousands of pages other women have written about their own children, and you're going to be so proud that we were brave enough to do this. We are an army of educated mothers who have finally stood up and said pay attention, this is important work, this is hard, frustrating work and we're not going to sit around on our hands waiting for permission to do so. We have declared that our voices matter.

We are bloggers, hear us roar! Tee hee.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Lone West Coaster wandering the empty aisles of the Howard County Fairgrounds in Maryland after a spectacular Sunday (a whole week ago!) including some of these scenes...

AKA, momma took a solo trip to the east coast for family, fun, and fibers! Highlights included: a boozy lunch with the brother in law, a girlie shopping day at the Steve and Barry's, the country's largest Sheep and Wool Festival and just plain relaxing on the plane with knitting, music, and 36 channels to chose from. It was glorious!

So I'm back home now with a sick tot and husband, and lots and lots of yarn to knit! Life is good!