Friday, May 16, 2008

A Cranky Rant Segued Into A Charity Fundraiser

I am a BAD GIRL. Or I will be. Tomorrow I plan on breaking the law. Or at least the law as one (sorta cranky) brit sees it. I started making those crazee knit beaded necklaces after I read about them in her "un-pattern". Then I asked her IF I COULD GIVE HER MONEY to use her idea and try and sell some. She said no. No, wait a minute, she said no in a way that made me embarrassed I even asked. Which left me with an awkward feeling of unfriendliness, something that seems rather rare in the knitting community.

Anywhoo. So tomorrow I am breakin' the law, and putting this lovely set up for auction:

Now mind you, I am not just being flagrantly obstreperous here. This is a charity auction fundraiser slash dinner event for No More Victims. So there will be no money entering my actual pocket. I am donating time and effort to a cause that supports innocent children with war wounds. I dare her to take umbrage at that.

Oh, and these, I designed them myself. And if anyone wants to copy them and sell them on etsy, be my frickin guest!


Sara Smith said...

You go girl!!!
One of my (hopefully) upcoming projects, after the infamous "Show" is hung this coming weekend, is something that is looking to become a design project that will be turned into clothing items for at least one, and hopefully many, fundraising groups. I've missed being able to get involved in such things, and appreciate your donation of the thing most precious to us all, time.


Anonymous said...

Sound a bit cranky thyself! Good, hope the brit with the great view of herself sees that. Your jewelry, however, must be those items that were left in Grandma Lancaster's house! She made some of them that looked just about like yours! I bet she is very very pleased at your work.

Robert said...

Thats a tough place to go, what with the copyright law observance that we have at the Clutterhut and here at the office. Intellectual property is a very tricky subject, especially in the realms of the intertubes. perhaps we can chat more on this.

I think it was wrong to use her design and her pattern, even if your intentions were the noblest. having said this, I do not know what the laws actually are that might govern this sort of thing. I know that if someone uses our house plans without our permission, it is a very actionable offense.

I am guessing she could have handled your request better, but there you go.