Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Falls: Prat- and Otherwise

Where do you go when your entire Memorial Day weekend has looked like this

and this?

Why, here of course!

Where its always wet and drizzly due to the thunderous Vernal Falls!

Especially right now with the spring run off AND rain.

This here is Auntie Lolo, and she was here for a wonderous ten days to help around the house and provide free daycare! And how do we repay her? We dress her funny and march her up a soggy trail. We're nice.

It was a lovely hike, though just at the top I got all cocky and tried to pass someone and fell SMACK on my butt bone. With The Tank in the tummy pack. Owie. I am still sitting funny. Here I am seconds later faking like it didn't really hurt. Can you tell?

Hope y'alls weekends (and well, honestly, the week that has passed since then too) were just as lovely!


Robert said...

Very lovely, and how VERY Tolkien-esque that all looks! Did you give the Bub a ring to throw in a volcano?

Anonymous said...

Even dressed funny, Auntie Lo Lo looks great! And you can tell her that! Hope the butt heals quickly...