Saturday, May 10, 2008


Lone West Coaster wandering the empty aisles of the Howard County Fairgrounds in Maryland after a spectacular Sunday (a whole week ago!) including some of these scenes...

AKA, momma took a solo trip to the east coast for family, fun, and fibers! Highlights included: a boozy lunch with the brother in law, a girlie shopping day at the Steve and Barry's, the country's largest Sheep and Wool Festival and just plain relaxing on the plane with knitting, music, and 36 channels to chose from. It was glorious!

So I'm back home now with a sick tot and husband, and lots and lots of yarn to knit! Life is good!


Suzie said...

Ack! Somehow my slide show has kicked my sidebar to the curb! Phooey!

Suzie said...

Oooo! I think I fixed it! Yay me!

Kathleen said...

sorry we missed you while you were here!
we went a few years back and had a good time. weird how they serve lamb burgers near the animals...eek!

i am sure you will wow us with some beautiful photos of what you make with your new yarn, crafty girl.

xo aunt-cousin kathleen

Robert said...

yay! it was great having you! er..having you here!