Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pets, Poses, Puking, and Puncture Wounds

My sister has long accused our rather mellow dog of being a Dog Shaped Rug. Lil' Tank demonstrated this nicely by resting his laurels on the dog's laurels...

And Mollycat has done her part at being remarkably patient with a toddler trying to sit on her...

Along with being able to point to nose, eyes, and bellybutton upon request, Tank has found his tongue too.

The Bub also has enjoyed trying on all his hand me down winter clothes, he's wearing them baggy this year for that grommetty snowboarder look.

So that's the good news. The rough stuff is that last week Tankster has his first barfing sickness, and ralphed once a day for three days. Then he had some epic diaper fillers for the rest of the week. Now Momma is a bit under the weather, Poppa was out of town (but is fortunately back now), the car battery went dead and poor Mollycat got an abscess on her neck from a fight with the neighbor cat and had to have a drain installed. We're limping along, but I think the end is in sight!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Gave It The Old College Tri

So I did a wee triathlon this last weekend. Unfortunately it seemed bit harder than I thought it would be, but I muddled through. The Hub was there to photo document. Fortunately he seems to have missed the swimming part entirely, lucky for me, as no one wants to see pictures of a woman apparently drowning herself! The swimming and me, we were not friends. But I didn't have to beach myself across the front of a kayak so I'm calling it good! The biking was great fun and the running was short, thank goodness. The folks were all fabulous and the race was wonderfully supported. While evidently I could have used a bit more training, it was no where near killin' me so I guess I must be stronger! Thanks Laura for dragging my bootay out there!

Update: 45 outta 152 aint bad!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yes! We Did Survive!

Our little hoop troop made our spectacular, sparkly and flashy mark on the Labor Day Parade, unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I'm still waiting for some other folks pictures. Here's the one picture Tank Poppa took of us, um... a few minutes after we had passed him!
It was crazee hot and sunny, but we managed to not lose anyone to heat stroke, fortunately! (Not even the pregnant gal!) In the end I did have help with the costumes, another gal made 4 of the 10 skirts, thank heavens! All the neighbors came out to support us and cheer for us, which was great! Not that I expect grand prize or anything, but we were so hot and thirsty afterward that we totally forgot to attend the award ceremony! I know we rocked that parade, and were much more exciting to see than yet another fire engine! (And we were almost as loud!) And we carried these snazzy signs, made by yours truly. (P.S. Thanks to all the friends and family members that I grilled endlessly about what vegetable slogans were the funniest!)All in all it was a wonderful success and I have a whole crew of folks I can now call on to do crazy things with me! Yay Suziehulahoop!