Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Down To The Wire

Jackson and I are preparing for the Big Trip Back East, and he's going to miss his daddy terribly...

But he will be totally ready for the Faire in his quickly cobbled together poufy shirt...

I have to say for spending about 45 minutes altering a thrift store baby shirt, I am fairly pleased with the results! He will also be sporting a nifty red pair of mantights...

In other Bub news he's had a few firsts lately. He woke up the other morning without crying, just gurgling and cooing, and then he flashed me a big smile as I peeked over the edge of the bassinet. He is also actively reaching for things dangled above him. And once while I was in the bathroom, the Bub tuckered himself out bapping things in his baby gym, and zonked out all on his own! He is also topping the charts these days at a whopping 15.5 pounds, quite an armload. We are so proud!

See you at the Faire!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Purely An Educational Tool

I have been very productive this morning...

Won't you join me?

PS. Cousin Kathleen, BEWARE of the shoe choosing section!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


In the left corner we have Suzie's Breasts, known for taking a beating but staying in the fight for the long run.

In the corner on my right we have the current champeen, Gnawy McChomperGums, known for his sheer brutality and heft.

And in Round 4? 5? of this epic battle we have a new hero in the corner of our underdog, by the name of Dr. Charismatic Chiropractor. His assessment of the little pugilist is that his jaw got a bit wonky due to that crazee birthing process, and therefore he was not opening his mouth enough to actually suck milk out, but resorted to brute force mashing. Hence the owies. So after a bit of latex gloved finger sucking and some cranial prodding, we were sent on our merry way. And oddly enough, we have since had a few nursing sessions that seemed distinctly less violent. Not all, but some. And some is a far sight better than none.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Sound of Sewing

So in the last two months I have actually accomplished something other than fattening up one cute little baby. Not much, but something. And here is the photo to prove it.

A Renn Faire outfit for my sister...

Close up of the shirt...

I hope Big Sis doesn't mind that I got all Maria Vontrappy for this project, and used some white material that I had from shortening some curtains...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Senses Working Overtime

Guess who went to his first county fair yesterday...

There were pigs and sheep and chickens and quilts and alpaca yarn and corndogs and cute little Nemo fish prizes and enough to see, hear, smell and touch that it tuckered the little guy out.

You guys know I'm talking about the baby right, not the husband?