Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snow Crushed Daffodils

This was me two days ago, sort of sad a beleaguered. But not today! No! Because yesterday was the Best Day Ever!

Tank Baby and I started off the day at a new Mommy and Me yoga class in town! Yay! And The Bub noticed that he was the only tot there not running around like a wee maniac, so he started doing his darndest to change that. Which in his case equalled him deciding that hanging out on his belly is not the Worst Thing In The World Ever, and so he rolled over at least 4 times. Yay yoga baby!

Then two other moms and I bundled the tots in the car and drove up to the mountains and went cross country skiing with the kiddos! We probably only went about a mile and a half and then the toddlers had to get out of their sled and play in the snow. But it was great, and sunny and springy! And The Bub was the Best Baby Ever! And did I mention that it was Great?! And one of the other moms and I got to chat in the car for hours! Note to self: Do That More Often!

Alright, enough of my exclamation point riddled ranting! I still haven't gotten the baby rolling over on film (since 'till yesterday it was as rare as hen's teeth), but I did get the Brand New Baby Pincher Grasp. Yay Tank Boy!


Robert said...

yay indeed!

I am glad to see you are happier and sunshinier! more people + activities = always goode!

Sara Smith said...

Congratulations Mama! It's a GOOD THING to get out and do things like that, with as much frequency as possible. I know I'm infinitely more cheerful, relaxed, happy, etc etc etc (and so is Ash man) when I get us out of the house and interacting with other humans, doing fun things.
Btw, nice work on The Pinch, Tank boy.

Anonymous said...

Well indeed that he has learned to pick up Cheerios...you and your sis always had a bag of them as you wandered about, and they probably make up half of your body weight! Now to get him to eat them...