Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If You Want to Destroy My Sweater...

And for those of you who do not know this song from Weezer, the next line (after the woah ooh oh's) is "hold this thread while I walk away". And this snappy little ditty is on my mind because I am knitting my first real adult size sweater, and it looks a little like this:

Only now I am contemplating the fact that it might indeed be too small for its intended recipient,The Hub. And yet I'm not sure I'm ready to unravel two skein's worth of knitting, albeit fun knitting. What would YOU do?

A. Make The Hub go on a starvation diet.
B. Knit on in the hopes that Tank Boy will some day grow into it.
C. Place said beautiful sweater swatch on a big old stitch holder and save it for posterity.
D. Stuff the whole thing in the knitting bag, never to be seen again.
E. Frog (aka unravel) with wild abandon, festooning the house with your former craftsmanship.

The most popular answer will be seriously considered! And then possibly discarded...


Anonymous said...

Knit away! Make Lee wear it even if it doesn't fit!!


sara Smith said...

Hmmm... hard one, but I would lean toward the perfectionist thang, given that's my way (therefore unravel and re-knit, or in my case, paint over, draw again, etc). That said, I am also well aware of the preciousness of limited time, being a mom of a similar-aged-pup to yourn, so might also consider simply switching the intended recipient... (by the way, have I mentioned I like blue?) heehee! Was that completely shameful self-promotion there?
Loves you girly!
I know whatever u do you'll have fun with it!

Sara Smith said...

btw, I LOVE the pic of the Tankster flying through the air!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Mom had the same problem a few times, but I don't have her phone number to ask her what she would do! I think she did a bit or ripping out once, but the next time just repeated the patter another 1/2 time or whatever was needed to make it bigger. So save your invested time and work and just multiply the pattern a bit, if that is possible. Now what is this about a picture of Jackson flying thru the air???

Kathleen said...

won't it stretch a bit after it is worn?

i think you should keep going.
there is always B.

Romblestonia said...

You don't want to hear this, but I'd unravel and start over again. And then you can also begin doing both the front and the back on one big circle at the same time, and congratulate yourself on all the time you'll save not having to sew up the sides. I say this as someone whose craft boxes are filled with sweater fronts, sleeves and backs that never made it to full-sweaterhood. Someday I'll unravel them and make something really cool. Yes, yes I will.

cheesefairy said...

I don't knit but wouldn't it be good practise to do it anyway...odds are good tank boy will grow into it, right? And if he's all "no way I'm wearing that, ma" you can donate it to charity.

plus, as we get older, we shrink, so husband will fit it eventually. 30, 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Double check your swatch and do the math. If it adds up to Lee's measurements then you should be okay. It is a pretty stitch. If not, ripping out is part of knitting....not the fun part, but part of knitting! Happy K & P!