Friday, February 17, 2006


So to keep on the subject of all things plumbing, I have some advice to solicit from you, all four of my readers. See, The Hub and I have been having this plumbing issue for as long as I can remember now. And the issue is that our water pipes are possessed.

It is really rather disconcerting to try and brush your teeth when it sounds like Kulak himself is trying to squeeze out through your bathroom faucet. Or we'll be splashing along merrily in the shower and the next minute Bezoar is trying to apparate through the pin holes in the shower head. Or that's what it seems like anyway.

Barring demon possession, it is really just an ever present issue of having air in our pipes. No matter which outlet you chose, be it faucet, toilet, shower, dishwasher or clothes washer. (Except for the toilet in the master bathroom which runs constantly yet never fills, despite the brand new flapper I installed. But that is another story entirely!) Nor does it matter which temperature water you choose.

So despite the fact that we have a new well pump, have tested the pressure bladder beside the pump for leakage, and have had a plumber over to scratch his head at our kitchen sink, we still have no answers. And we still have demon spawn as chummy shower companions.

Now plumbing seems nice and straight forward to me. You have a pressurized system coming from the well to the house. Some of that water goes to the hot water heater, some just continues on merrily until you use it. So the plumber and I are baffled as to how air was getting into a pressurized line. Wouldn't water just leak out and decrease said pressure? And how can it be happening with hot water as well, unless there is a leak in every single pipe under our house?

Well, that's our issue dear internets. I'm open to suggestions. Do we drain our water line and smoke test the plumbing to find a leak? Or do we practice our Budda calm, and learn not to jump every time a faucet, toilet or shower BLARK FLARCK GARGLE SPACK SPACK's at us?


Anonymous said...

Being stupid and having no plumbing education, I will try first...all readers please have mercy and keep the bloglaughter to a minimum, please. Air in the pipes is often quieted down with short, capped pieces of copper pipe soldered into an easy to get to place...near the tanks or near the washing machine plumbing for example. These short pieces, about a foot or 2, then absorb the shock of water pressure increase as things are turned on or off. They trap air and it compresses in their little bodies and stops theory. The air in the lines can actually be gasses dissolved in the water that is pumped up, and the gasses escape into your pressure tank, to then cause the squarks and noises you have. If there are no leaks in the line into the house, identified by soft or wet spots above the link from the pump housing to the house, and no leaks squirting water in any of the pipes, and the pressure bladder is ok (do you have a good constant pressure or does it go way down and then up?) then its dissolved gasses...I think.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

...and furthermore...if your interested. If your doublehouse is heated via hot water thru radiators or pipes, then there is a big tank somewhere with hot water that is circulated, and it often becomes full of air and needs to be drained. OR perhaps the hot water heater itself has a lot of air in it, and needs to be drained completely of air, rust, and gunk and then filled up with the top valve open to let out the air and that top valve gets closed only when water gusnes out of the top...Love, Dad