Saturday, February 04, 2006


So I went to a baby shower last weekend (for the Expecting Skoogs) where I was one of five pregnant women. And the little belly that I showed two posts ago was so small compared to theirs that I felt positively ridiculous in my elastic waist maternity skirt. All of these women are due in the next two months, but it seems like most of them are already experiencing no small amount of contractions.

And not only did my belly seem slightly inadequate, but so did my tiny camera, so I didn't personally take any pictures. This picture is from Mrs. Skoog's sister and I will link to her site as soon as I can find it! This has to be the only blog post in the entire world where a woman is lamenting the unimpressive size of her belly! Ha ha!

Photo by Lindsey Ptucha

Oh, and I have to mention that Angelina Jolie is due before me, but Gwen Stefani and I are due around the same time... So they'll probably all be friends, right?

Updated February 27th to link to Lindsey Ptucha's website.


Talley said...

Your belly is lovely. If you notice, everyone else in the picture is looking at you! Also, when is your due date? I know it's June, but I can't keep the actual date in my head for some reason.

Robert said...

Wow! Hawties!

Anonymous said...

This is a class in "Staring at the Littlist Belly and Make Its Owner Sad." I must say, however, that yours is thye prettiest...and what are they all eating in them thar hills??


Kathleen said...

you are all so cute! eek!
tell them not to walk into any sharp corners!

i can't wait til yer belly is like that!

it won't be long!