Monday, March 16, 2009

I Need A Vacation After This Weekend...

I took the Amtrak bus/train combo to Tahoe this weekend and hand delivered the World's Cutest Baby Sweater, and the reaction was appropriately agog, so I did not have to bring it back home with me! And without further ado, the WCBS!

The shower was lovely, at a crazy mansion in Sparks (outside Reno) with a koi pond in the driveway, hot tub atrium in the middle of the house, and general loveliness all around. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so not only didn't I get a picture of the setting, I didn't get any pictures of the preggo either! Rats.

Then the (oft commenting and always lovely) Sara and I had a girlie evening of shopping and movie (The Watchmen!) watching, before collapsing into bed (couch) at 1 am. The next day I took the California Zephyr train back over Donner Summit, in a bit of a snow storm (yay! for not having to drive) and down to Sacramento. Where I had a three hour layover, but luckily the train station is two short blocks from a lovely outdoor mall! After wasting an appropriate amount of time, and not too terribly much money, I enjoyed a pleasant second train ride to Merced. (During which I was asked out by a random stranger, who must have had terrible vision to have not seen the wedding band.) I then made my way to my Big Boss's house which is, I kid you not, in Camelot. Who knew that Camelot was so close. And so gated.

After a lovely evening swapping knitting tales and family woes, I had a comfy snooze in a WHOLE double bed (to myself!) (due to the house remodel The Hub and I are sharing a SINGLE bed.) And to further the luxury, I got to languish in said bed until the late late hour of 8 am! Ah, the life!

Then I got to go back to the dratted dermatologist and have yet another suspicious bump chopped off, this time from my nose. Ack. Then the Costco run, the dog food run, the hardware store run, drug store and hairdresser stops, then the drive home, the happy family playing in the park time, then the rushed dinner, baby bath, and now I'm going to fall asleeeeeeeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzz...........


Sara L Smith said...

It is, indeed, the world's cutest baby sweater!!!

It was so fabulous to see you, my dear, and get to hang out.

Many thanks to the boys for letting us borrow you this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ya sluggard! Get busy and start chopping that firewood for your new-old home's fireplace! You will have a fireplace, won't you? With a Heatilator or some other device to capture the wood heat while not using the home air? And don't worry about that "random stranger" on the train, he did not CARE that you were married! Just saw a beauty and could not resist...

Kathleen said...

that sweater IS cute. but liam's flame sweater is TCBSE. just sayin'. : D
and what is going on with the derm? let us know asap what the results are!
what a weekend. whew. it made me sleepy just reading it!

love atcha' and yer boys, too. xo

Karel said...

Thanks so much for the AWESOME sweater. It was definitely the hit of the shower! Thanks for coming!!