Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dermatologically Speaking

Eeek, sorry to have frightened everyone, I am FINE, and the trips to the skin doc were purely prophylactic! Both spots have come back benign, so all's well. For me, that is. Tankster on the other hand, has been rather dermic-ly challenged this week. He finally came down with the Chicken Pox.

Yes, there is a vaccine for it now a days, but we opted out of that one, and went for the olde fashioned method, "Get 'em while they're young." Little Tank has hung in there like a champ, still riding his bike around, playing with the contractor's puppy, and befriending the Forestry guys who came to take down some branches over the house.

I did say he's hung in there like a champ, I surely would never say that he was happy about it!


Anonymous said...

Clever chap, that grandson ...managed to have the chicken pox on his back in the form of the great dipper! With the handle pointing down at his butt! See it? Gad...what a kid. And I hope that the guy came and took down that whole tree that was in front of your yard, or was this the branches of the tree in the side or back yard? Kinda hard to remember them all, but I seem to think that there were two growing things that were not growing too well anymore...

Dad, who survived chicken pox just fine, without the constellation

Anonymous said...

He goes from "most adorable boy and puppy ever" to "Crankiest Pox Ridden Tank Boy" in just one blog!



Sara L Smith said...

Oh, poor boo... no fun the pox. I think I had them around three or four, but still remember them. One of my earliest memories, actually... my Raggedy Ann doll was my comfort, while I tried SOOO hard not to scratch.
Same summer by oldest brother decided he really needed a pet snake, which I loved but my mom hated.
Funny the things you remember...
glad YOUR spots are nothing to worry about!

Kathleen said...

glad you're ok, too.
and, seriously, can your boy get any cuter? for real!

love atcha' bigtime. xo