Monday, December 05, 2005

Mutual of Midpines

I found this cool yet slightly creepy critter remnant on our porch a while ago.

Yes, this is a picture of his underside, I kind of liked the "chalk-outliness" of the poor guy's position. The open mouth, the splayed limbs. It looks like distress, but really it was just probably heavenly itch relief or something. Who know what it feels like to shed a skin? And yes, those are pin holes in his tail and chest cavity. Because who can resist tacking him to the kitchen cork board. Certainly not I!


Talley said...

Uh. . .gross!

Anonymous said...

Uh...SNAKE??? Run for the hills!! Oh yeah, you ARE in the hills. Did it have legs in those little thingys on the sides? OR is the whole thing just a washing machine drain hose cover intended to catch threads and such before they go down a drain???..Dad