Friday, December 23, 2005

All's Well Here

Look, witty pun! So one day, and a huge chunk of change later, we have a functioning well, pump, and plumbing. Evidently there was a hole in the pipe that brings the water from the pump to the surface. Which doesn't sound that bad until you hear how deep our well is. SOME 635 FEET! So while they had the whole blasted thing out they replaced the pump too, as it was 15 years old and on its last legs. And the labor charge to get to the dratted thing forced it into an early retirement. Buh bye!

Finally got the tree up, and some lights on it, but no ornaments yet. Hopefully this will happen soon. Absolutely no progress on the present front. Sorry y'all. I'm really darn close to finishing the living room floor though. That's exciting, right? Gimme a good 30 minutes tomorrow morning and I think I got the bugger. I know, you can hardly wait. Happy Holidays! I did it just for you!


Robert said...

One year, we decorated our tree late on Christmas Eve, and it was a lovely and cherished thing. You can celbrate Christmas whenever you want, Baby Jeebus won't mind.

Anonymous said...

One year, even with my obsessive Mom, we got the tree up AFTER Xmas...but it did not matter. My Dad loved the whole thing so much that each year he left the tree up until EASTER!! Not a needle left on the tree, but we all enjoyed it for a long long time.


Stephen said...


Merry Christmas...err, late

Heh, Happy New Years...err, early...

Miss you guys!