Thursday, December 08, 2005

Newly Crowned Queen O' Geek

Okay, so it has officially happened. I have become the worlds biggest dork. The change in status has come about because I am now addicted to an online roleplaying game. Yes, that is right, I can now spend hours at a time virtually running around, virtually slaying beasts, and paying a small monthly fee for the privilege. This new addiction is due to the pusher in the family, who shall remain nameless, but can be found here. It is a tiny bit shocking and dismaying how absorbing the game is...

In order to preserve my self image, I have to think that I wouldn't possibly be so absorbed iffn I weren't currently unemployed (which may not last, more on that later...), if it weren't nigh on the dead of winter, and if I weren't in a delicate physical condition. (Yes, dear internets, this again is true confession time. I am officially knocked up, and if all goes well, will be a'birthin' in June.) So, the crazy physical activity that I dearly love is currently on hold for a bit. I'm down to walking a few miles with the local mommies. And wheezing with the effort. That Gulfport Contagion, with pregnancy right on its heels sorta took the wind outta my sails.

So that leaves me with virtual adventure. And I seem to be embracing it with a surprising gusto. Who knew?

So here she is in all her clashing splendor, as I can't seem to find (or make) good armor that all matches! And the knickers, what's with the knickers? I do like the boots and the gauntlets, as I forged them myself with my newly acquired blacksmithing talents... cough... GEEK... cough.

Cute, aint she? And fierce, arrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I am in about the same place as you.. a broken footy has left me with oodles of free time; perhaps I should play!


Kathleen said...

i am diggin' the boots! yer lookin' tuff, cous!

Robert said...

My one claim to fame, and your link is buggy!

You can find the corrupter at

Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

just as long as you don't get lost out there in cyber battle..or take it out on Lee!!

Anonymous said...

She certainly looks strong! she will be well able for the birthin in June! Go girl!

olive said...

p.s last comment by olive green am new this bloggin lark.