Tuesday, January 03, 2006

While I'm Waiting For My WoWarcraft Update To Download...

I thought I'd post some piccies of the carnage...

Here is where our roof used to be.

Here is where our roof landed.

And here is its final resting place after a nasty encounter with a chainsaw.

Pretty huh?

On a sillier note, I had this, this (Thanks MsKathleen), this, and this for lunch, and for some reason had a tummy ache afterwards. I can't imagine why...


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I am sooooooo glad that you were not out there when this happened, it could have killed you easily! Now that I see this, NOW I AM SCARED AND SHAKING!!!

Love, Dad

Robert said...


Well, at least you can look back on this triumphantly and say "Yeppers, we shure enuff dun weathered the Big One of 2006!"


Sara L Smith said...

Holy Shizzleskies girl...
So very glad you were witnessing that from INside the house.
Steph was just asking me last week if I'd heard from you; I told her no but I'd try and look you up to see what you'd been up to, and here you are, training your roof to fly.
I'll make sure to pass your blog address along to Steph (in case she no longer has it) so she can witness the current events.
Sounds like you've been having an exciting time with house stewardship. We've been dealing with floods up here, but thankfully not at my house, just at Ernie's rental abode, and nothing too bad.
Sounds like you're pretty busy, but give a call and we'll catch up


ps. I started a blog too that I'll be linking to my website, to list new work, etc.
In case you end up with any of that "time on your hands" again (which sounds unlikely!)

mark blume said...

WOhmygod! Glad you both are unhurt. Really, that was toooo close for comfort. These pictures just about fit with your hurricane shots! I'm keeping fingers crossed that the insurance company comes through for you. Either way, let's have a BYOtools/refurbishment weekend' soon.