Monday, December 04, 2006

Just Like A Jaccuzzi

The little dude, like many infants, is pretty darned cranky in the evenings. From the hours of 5:30 pm until jammie time at 7:30 it is all the Hub and I can do to keep him from perma -wailing. One of the distraction tactics that we have found is the moonlight/headlamp neighborhood ramble. The little spud is stunned to silence by the moon moving behind the tree branches. Generally very popular and efficacious.

Another tactic that we have used with some success is the evening bath. What's not to enjoy, what with the nakedness and partial immersion? (And the toes, did I mention the toes?) Unfortunately, I tired to milk this activity past the point of no return the other evening and ended up with a little dish I like to call "Baby Swimming in Poo Stew". I do not recommend it. And I just have to say that it brings a whole new meaning to the concept of Brownian Motion.

So if you see us out wandering around the neighborhood in the dark some evening, that is why. We have sworn off those crazy things called baths.


Anonymous said...

ew. again you have managed to take such discordant notes (moonlight through branches, and poop-cuzzi) and weaved them into some form of philip glassian symphony.

am i revulsed? am i winsome? I hardly know anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious! Wait until he gets to be 3-4 years, then the nite time shennagins really start. His cousin Aiden loves to just bury his face in the carpet and wail, no matter what we try, when he stays here on an "overnite". And Aiden and Lydia often refuse to get out of the bath, so its come down to pulling the plug and snatching them up when they start to get cold! They try all ways to be in charge, don't they?

sara said...

mmm, baby poo-stew...

had a fun incident along those lines while taking the little guy's temperature the other evening. I was a dedicated mom tho, and stayed on task til his temperature registered. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.