Monday, July 23, 2007

A Haircut. Literally One Hair.

So wee li'l Tank got his first haircut this weekend. Not that he was in danger of turning into Cousin Itt, but he was a bit fluffy on the sides... It was a rather silly affair, with Moms trying to hold him relatively still, while Pops tried to distract and document at the same time, and our poor little hottie hair stylist had just been in a car wreck and was in a fashionable neckbrace with limited mobility!


Sara Smith said...

Yup, Little Ash-man was getting lots of curly stuff wandering into his ears (cute, but I would imagine possibly annoying), so Momma decided to cut his hair last weekend.... and now Dad has accused me of giving our child "whitewalls".
Evidently that is the name given when too much skin is allowed to show above said adorable ears.
Sorry little guy.
Maybe we should have gone the pro-route, like y'all. Asher of course could care less, but I hate to think I've given my son his first nerd-cut.

Tanker is lookin pretty cute with his new 'do, though a little suspicious of the whole deal methinks.


Robert said...

He definitely looks a little nervous. I am pretty sure that Millie has more hair than Jackson now! She had a major haircut when they put the shunt in, but I am looking forward to some styling, and maybe some ribbons. :)

Anonymous said...

...and you did of course save the hair in a envelope for his scrap book, right?? Me thinks he is swondering whats next!!