Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Small Victories

So you know that drawer, or cabinet, or sac that everyone has where they stash the almost unavoidable accumulation of plastic grocery bags? I would like to state for the record that as of right now, I am no longer in possession of any of the above! I feel that I have slayed the modern cabinet dragon of petroleum product consumption! Yay Me, er, us, er Tank Family. I have always tried to be a schlepper of cloth grocery bags, but now that we are getting the weekly (organic! local!) veggie box (which is housed in a little rubbermaid tub that we return for the next week) there is even less opportunity for forgetting and getting stuck, er... um... holding the bag, as it were. And I get to try exciting cooking experiments, such as "what the heck is this okra crap and what on earth am I going to do with it?" And you know, more than half the time, the answer is fry it in butter. Hard to go wrong with that!

Little Tank has been a bit fussbudgetty for a few days, culminating in a refusal to nap at day care yesterday, and we figured out why last night. His fifth tooth has just come in, and it looks like number six is hot on its heels. Yay Tankster!

And finally... I have now officially found two other local women who are willing to go do this with me. Yay us!

Not currently a victory, but a project in the works: I have decided to try and rally enough local women to do a hoop group in the Labor Day Parade. So far I have lots of nibbles on the line, but I am still a bit shy of the quota for fish in the basket. Wish me luck, or better yet, come on out and join me!


Anonymous said...

Okra in butter, remember Mrs. Mumford showing me how to do that, and I grew some SOOOO big they were inedible, butter or no? Ah, the joys of single Daddy cooking! But you made it. Would come and hula hoop with ya, but my knees are kinda knobby, and tired too! We are going without the plastic bags too, Christy gets only paper from Whole Foods and I use cloth bags that I keep in the car for other shopping. And your Anne Arundel county is considering a bill to ban them entirely!!
Dad, fresh from Millie's home

Robert said...

I can't tell you what I was hoping was behind that link...but then again, you can probably guess. ;)

Boom chikka wa waaaa!

smelly said...

We have a stewed okra recipe that is YUM, will send to Kathleen & ask her to fwd to you.
Hooping is harder than it looks, I recently discovered.

Sara Smith said...

Yay! Fab Femme triathalon compadres.... consider that a victory wether or not you are officially victorious (which I'm betting y'all will be). Check out Paul Prudhomme for okra... quite yum in jambalaya.
Yay Tankster on the teeth! Not easy to push ivory thru one's gums, and I don't envy our wee nippers the challenge.
with ya on the no-plastico, btw... one way we've dealt with it is to re-use all of the stray offenders in a specially-adapted kitchen trash bin, plus I have scads of cloth bags (even a dandy insulated jobbie from TJ's) for grocery, etc.
Thanks for reminding me to be better about making sure they go with me to the store tho!
(helps if they are available for use...)

Romblestonia said...

congrats on the no plastic, but what do you use for trash bags, now? Or for kitty/doggy poop? Or as little greenhouses over your seedlings?

I am soooo jealous about the triathlon! How do you find the time...mommy, employed, super athlete? Do you sleep? wow