Thursday, November 08, 2007


(Get it? Fiber arts joke there, heh heh.)

This morning my house was scattered with these pleasant reminders from my First Ever Stitch N Bitch! (Along with a completely unhealthy amount of spinach dip in the fridge, that I am most definitely NOT having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, ahem.) So not only was this my first SnB ever, but it seems to be the first in the area as well. (This decade at least...) Go Julie the Cruise Director!

It was lovely! There was wine and snacks and fibers galore! It made me so happy to actually have it happen that I didn't want to clean up the wineglasses, crust of crostini, and ball bands (ooo, that sounds dirty!). But seein' as I scoured the house before inviting the public in, it seems a picture will have to do.


Anonymous said...

So...who left the dead mouse in the little dish!!!

Kathleen said...

you are so fun!
we miss you. hugs to your boyz!

it is sure getting chilly here! hinthint...



Romblestonia said...

Oh man, If we were there I'd totally come to your SnB! Mmmm...and wine, too! you rock!