Monday, March 24, 2008

Iridescent Viridescence

The holiday weekend couldn't have been more picturesque here in the Sierra Foothills. The Tankster participated in his second and third egg hunts of the season. I had one too many mimosas at the Saturday hunt and therefore didn't take one picture. But for those in the know, check out the Hub's page and you'll find a whole slew o pic's, many of which contain me and my drink in hand! Wheee!

On Sunday I was a bit more saintly, and managed to remember how to operate the old point n shoot! The Hub couldn't believe I was really planning on dressing our offspring in a baby blue seersucker shorts suit. But now that he's seen the pictures, he knows why parents dress their kids funny, because they are SO DAMN CUTE, that's why!

It was a gorgeous day at a friend's gramma's house where they've been holding the family egg hunt for over 35 years now. These folks are serious. They own 10 acres, and put out eggs for kids and young adults alike, with prizes that range from three jelly beans and two nickels to crisp $20 bills! They make up baskets of toys for the little kids and ALSO give out prizes after the egg hunt too! Its a win win win situation for all hunters!

By the end of the day, many participants were plum tuckered and ready for some serious lounging...

And on a similar greenery note, I would like to take a moment to document a stage in my son's life. He likes salads. Eats whole bowls. I'm not counting on this lasting long, nor on people believing me. So here it is, Tank vs. Salad, with salad losing big!


Kathleen said...

these pictures are just too much.
seriously...could he get any dern CUTER????

love the suit. so hilarious...looks like a little ralph lauren model.

lovin' the salad battle too!


i miss you.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little snapper! (My short for "whipper-snapper"... hope it's nothing lewd in anyone's lexicon!)

Luuuuv the suit. my dear; yes we do seem to dress our wee ones now while we can in 'funny' things for our own enjoyment and amusement, cause when they get older it'll be such a different story; they'll be wearing the future version of the giganta-pant-belted-under-the-butt and we'll be doing our best not to giggle as we recall our own 80's MC Hammer pants, pleated jeans and shoulder pads.


Ernie succumbed to the lure of the uber-cute awhile back and bought matching tees for he and the sprog, with Version 1.0 on his and Version 2.0 on Asher's. Hard to resist that stuff, isn't it?

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Ash-man eats whole avocados at a time (calls them "cado"), and has been doing so for about a month now... also seems to be addicted to snap peas. I couldn't be more thrilled!


Anonymous said...

My God that boy gets cuter and cuter! I can believe he likes salad after he kept inhaling the cherry tomatoes when you were here in Sept. I couldn't get them cut up fast enough! Glad you had a nice Easter, but just know that you were missed at the McGaha's as we over ate and made hearty!!!