Saturday, August 16, 2008

Got Sledgehammer?

Hello there! So things are moving forward here, I've started my new (old) job, back in Yosemite Valley for three days a week. I will be doing construction inspection on some sewer line replacement. Fun, huh? And now to get totally geeky on you, I will tell you why some if this will be especially interesting... The contractor will be doing directional drilling! Whoo hoo! Meaning instead of opening a gigantic long pit in the ground and laying pipe in the bottom of it, they will be drilling horizontally through the ground and hauling the pipe through behind it. Neeto, and less damaging environmentally! I knew you'd be just as excited as I!

I will mention here that it is very sad to leave my old job, they were nothing but wonderful. But the new job will be much closer to the new home. And speaking of which...

We are also starting some stuff on the new house. We meet with an electrician today to try and make it less of a spontaneous-bonfire-house potential, and then we will be seeing the lead paint inspectors in the next week or two. I'm not gonna sugar coat this at all. This house is a pit. It is disgusting. It needs a new roof,

new electrical,

new foundation, new flooring and an entirely new kitchen. There is a 2 foot by 1 foot hole in the floor of the bathroom. It stinks. (Um, literally, like really smelly.) But let me enumerate the benefits to you (so that I don't forget them myself!)

We will be living in El Portal, right on the border of Yosemite, closer to all of the fun things that we all love to do!
It is a wonderful neighborhood to raise kids in!
It is scads closer to The Hub's office, and Tankster's daycare, and with gas prices that is significant.
It is right next to a fire hydrant, and in this flammable state, that is significant.
It has city water and sewer, no more worrying about dry wells and overflowing septic systems.
It has fast internet. (If only it were in time for these fabulous olympic days!)
It has a better elementary school. (A few years down the road, but not too far!)
It has four(!) bedrooms, so we will have a guest room for all of you! (Maybe not all at once though...)
We already have friends in the neighborhood.
It has a mother-in-law apartment for monthly income or future housing of The Father-In-Law.

The house will be walking distance to the river, post office, community center, and when they get it rebuilt (after its own spontaneous-bonfiring earlier this year) the new community market. (Photo by B. Popp, not Potts like they list it!)

So it will be a good thing. But right now its a scary thing. An expensive, time consuming, dusty, dirty, smelly, and scary thing. So I might need your help in the future, if not actually toting that bale, then just mentally helping me stay in the game here. Just tell me that this thing has potential, okay?

All pictures from Ken Card of Advanced Home Inspections.


Kathleen said...

cousin, everything you touch turns into super-cute.
that house is going to rawk, no doubt!

xo love your new avatar, too!

lovelovelove - kathleen

wooly daisy said...

hi- sounds like the pros totally out weigh the cons!!! a positive change. it may seem overwelming now-but in the long run-yipee! try not to look at everything as a whole-too many things to do- just take baby steps and cross them off the list and one day-it will be grand! good luck!

Anonymous said...

As I monitor the noisy breaking up of daughter Lisa's basement for the install of french drains and a new sump pump, I wonder how much of your amazing project I will end up listening to/participating in! The smelly hole in the bathroom reminds me of another daughter's problem, where Annette and Tim's shower was just dumping the water on the ground below the bathroom...not too much stink but some settling! And that electrical work, sheesh! I bet your electrical contractor will have to sit down and just cry for a while when he sees that home handyman mess! Let me know your plans and dates, so I can plan on being there if you wish, hammer in hand, for some bale totin'!

Robert said...

More tool belt = more hot.

Anonymous said...

And what an awesome picture of a scary fire at the community market! Love your links--Lisa