Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!

Seeing as our "new" (old) house is no where ready for us to move into yet, I am still doing the 1 hour + work commute each way, three days a week. Which is okay if the Hub is on the same schedule, because then he drives halfway and I can knit or nap as I please. But sometimes he has meetings elsewhere and I drive the whole way my self, bleah.

Enter the podcast. Whoever invented these things is a genius! (For those of us who live in the middle of nowhere and don't get ANY radio reception.) Even after an hour of driving, sometimes I want to sit in my car and finish the current 'cast...

So anywhoo, last week I was listening to NPR's "This American Life", and this segment came on about parenting. It was engagingly told and wonderfully inspiring and also the perfect reminder about what our job is, as parents. I HIGHLY recommend popping over and giving it a listen if you have a few minutes.

And on a semi-related note I'd like to share some of the irresistibly cute words Tank Boy uses these days:
He is getting very good at remembering his "Pweeses and Tank You's"
He loves to watch the "bummy bees" in the garden.
Whenever we slow down in the car he says "Is dat a deer?"
He hopelessly mangles the words "grocery store".
We stopped the car on our dirt road the other day to watch a tarantula creep slowly across, so he is now very into "stiders".
He really wants to add tons of "stalt" to all of his food.
And I nearly die every time he says "Bye bye, wuvs you!"

So thanks Dad, for reading to my sister and I every single darn night. Little did I know what a huge gift you were really giving us! So, while I may not want to correct all of Tank's cute mispronunciations right now, I am rededicated to daily, nightly, and nigh-on constant book reading to my kid. It really is that simple!


Sara Smith said...

Asher says "bye bye Dad, have fun da castle" (his version of "have fun storming the castle" from the princess bride, as that has been repeatedly qutoed by us round these parts)... he also, therefore, refers to Ernie's truck as Daddy's castle.
Just recently he has started saying to me "I wuv you so much Mommy", which of course has me melt into an adoring puddle at his feet.
He loves to watch "Gwommit" of Wallace-and fame, asks for "Hawwy Potter" (which became a fave of big sis over the summer), though it gets pretty scawy in places. Current favorite book is Cifferd, and he has started 'reading' his dinosaur one-word book to us (it has pics and a single descriptive verb), that he's pretty accurate with, which I find a little astonishing and totally adorable. And after he reads the "hug" page he always climbs over and hugs me (puddle puddle puddle).
OMG I love him.

Anonymous said...

...er, excuse me, I am reduced to a puddle on the floor myself right now...

wooly daisy said...

hi suzie-you should def. come to celtic fest. next year- loads of fun!!!! you can camp right there at the fair grounds. your boy is too cute! do you have a tape recorder? record him-somehow. hubby and i just ran across old tapes of the boys-OMG! it will make you laugh and cry. you really do forget how they sounded. they grow so quick! you are so lucky to have had bed time stories. i just remember t.v.-ugh!

Robert said...

Kevin Smith has a subscribable downloadbale PodCast called "SmodCast"..you can google it, I'm sure. :)